PhD Dissertations


Eli Larsen : Designing national electronic services in the public healthcare sector. Main supervisor: Professor Gunnar Ellingsen.

Konstantinos Antypas : e-Rehabilitation: Design and effectiveness of a tailored Internet- and mobile- based intervention to support maintenance of physical activity after cardiac rehabilitation. Main supervisor: First Amanuensis II Silje C Wangberg.

Ole Grønli: A study of some biological factors of importance to geriatric psychiatry. Main supervisor: Professor Rolf Wynn.


Monika Alise Johansen: Electronically available symptom data. Usefulness and feasability of syndromic surveillance and health care service improvements. Main supervisor professor Alexander Horsch.

Rune Pedersen: Clinical nursing terminology as information infrastructure. Main supervisor: professor Gunnar Ellingsen, Secondary advisor: professor Rolf Wynn.

May Trude Johnsen: The effect of sleeping patterns on mental distress and overweight risk under shifting light conditions in North Norway. Some findings from the Tromsø Study. Secondary advisor Professor Rolf Wynn.

Torbjørg Meum: Co-constructing standards in nursing. A socio-technical approach to standardization in practice. Main supervisor: Professor Gunnar Ellingsen, Secondary advisor: Professor Rolf Wynn 


Liv Karen Johannessen: Lightweight methods, heavyweight organisations. Transforming a small tailored product to a large integrated healthcare information system. Main supervisor professor Gunnar Ellingsen

Kristoffer Røed: Socio-technical integration in health care: A case study fromPa hospital-based laboratory context. Main supervisor Professor Gunnar Ellingsen


Ellen Hoxmark: Substance use treatment in northern Norway. Initial results from the ROP –Nord Study. Main supervisor: Professor Rolf Wynn


Per Egil Kummervold: ’Internet-Based Patient Communication’. Main supervisor: Professor Rolf Wynn


Deede Gammon: Meta-perspectives on telemedicine: theory, method and a case. Secondary advisor: Professor Rolf Wynn