About the Research Group

The research activity in the research group for telemedicine and e-health is centered along two main dimensions:

  • Medical informatics, targeting healthcare workers’ use of ICT systems
  • Clinically oriented projects, particularly in tele-psychiatry/psychology and clinical psychiatry/psychology

The research group has a comprehensive collaboration with a range of external partners, locally, nationally and internationally, among others with the Norwegien Centre for Telemedicine and Integrated Care  and the Tromsø Telemedicine Laboratory,  which is one out of 14 such centres for research-based innovation. In addition, the research group has close collaboration with several clinical departments at UNN.

Currently the group has 8 PhD candidates who are externally funded (Research, Northern).

3 PhD candidates so far have defended with their supervisor from the Research group telemedicine. (read more)

In 2009 the research group published 11 publications in international peer-reviewed journals (including 2 at level 2) and 15 other scientific publications.

Main objectives

  • The research group is shall conduct integrated and sustainable research on telemedicine and medical informatics.
  • Expansion of research activity and number of employees at the IKM and increase the number of projects, doctoral students and publications.
  • Strengthen cooperation with clinical environments, with a particular focus on telecommunications psychiatry / tele-mental-health projects in psychiatry and clinical psychology.
  • Identify methods for more effective dissemination and sustained use of key IT systems such as electronic medical records, laboratory systems, nursing documentation, etc.).
  • Strive to be a key player on the national IT health arena.