About the Research Group

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The research group Gastroenterolgy and Nutriton is composed of 18 active researchers, 9 senior researchers (2 associate professors, 1 1.amanuensis, 1 senior researcher, 1 post doctoral fellow and 4 PhDs ), 7 PhD students, 2 research students from Medical Students Research Programme. Finally, the group has one bioengineer and one research nurse.

The research group has a group leader with scientific and administrative functions, whereas there are separate project leaders for each of the scientific projects. The main decisions of general character are taken on communication between the group leader and the project leaders, whereas decisions of more specific character are based on communication between project leader, its participants and the technical staff.

Competence and background of academic staff

The active researchers as MDs have background as PhD and 4 of them with background in molecular biology, 8 of the 18 are women, 1 is of Chinese nationality and the rest is Norwegians.

Strategy for publication and dissemination, including popular science

The research group publishes mainly in per review-based international journals, whereas som publications are in national journals. In addition, popular scientific contributions are also published in various journals. All contributions are in accordance to the strategy of the institution (basic science with translation to clinics).

Resources and scientific production

Of the 9 senior researchers 5 have full (1) or part time (4) positions either at the University of Tromsø or external funds (1). The two of technical staff have full positions, one 100% external funding whereas the other 50 % external/university funding.

The scientific production of 48 published papers from 2005, 11 papers in 2009 and 11 papers in 2010 in international per-reviwed journals with impact factor with highest 25 (Cancer Cell), but mostly between 3-5 and 4 PhD students educated from 2007 are reasonable good scientific production/activity.