Reading Groups

The ERG Reading Groups are open to all who are interested in ethics and reading and discussing the asigned books, papers and topics of the reading group. We especially encourage students, young researchers as well as non-philosophers to participate.
2020 - 

Reading group in meta-ethics

We are hosting a reading group in metaethics that meets fortnightly during the semester. We discuss both recently published papers (occasionally with the authors present) and papers that group members are working on. If you are interested in attending, please contact Fredrik Nyseth. It is possible to attend the meetings either in person or online.


There are no reading groups run by the ERG in 2019.


The Ronald Dworkin Reading Group was led by ERG member Fredrik Nyseth and were reading the book "Justice for Hedgehogs".


The Derek Parfit Reading Group was organized by ERG member Michael Moureau and were reading the first book of the late moral philosopher Derek Parfit's monumental work "On What Matters".