Key Terms

The Border Poetics key terms is intended as a resource for scholars and students working with borders, border processes, representation, aesthetics and literature.


Teaching Borders

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Border Poetics Bibliography
(updated 31.07.2016 - whole as downloadable RIS import file)

Core list - texts central to border poetics

Border poetics - work dealing with border & literature and with the relationship between represented borders and borders of the representation

Border readings - readings of specific literary texts on border crossings and on/from border regions

Border works - literary works, films and artworks - including essays, photography and travelogues

Medial borders - work dealing with formal and generic borders in texts, artworks and other media

Border discourses and representations - studies of discourses and representations of borders outside of border poetics proper

Border theory - philosophical, topological and other theoretical work on borders, boundaries and limits

Social and geographical borders - border studies work on borders in social, historical, juridical, political and geographical contexts - for more complete list, see CIBR-ABS Borders Bibliography

Journals and book series

Aldea Mundo

Border Regions Series

Borderlands e-journal


European Journal of Spatial Development


Journal of Borderlands Studies - Taylor & Francis site

Literary Geographies


Palgrave series in African Borderlands Studies

Revista Frontera Norte

Studies in Liminality and Literature

Other border bibliographies

CIBR-ABS Borders Bibliography (Centre for International Borders Research/Association for Borderlands Studies)

Reading lists for courses

Border-Crossing Narratives (ENG-3105) University of Tromsø, Autumn 2005, 2006.

Literature and Borders University of Tromsø, Spring 2001, 2003.

Borders, liminality, literature University of Oslo, Autumn 2014 - extended list

Courses and Programmes

Borderology Joint Master Degree in Borderology offered by Murmansk State Humanities University & University of Nordland

Border Crossings: Global and Local Societies in Transition, Master's Degree Programme in the Social Sciences, University of Eastern Finland

The End, Theory Seminar at the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis, Leiden University, September - December 2012.

National Minorities and Border Regions, Summer School in Flensburg, Germany, yearly.

Cultures, Migrations, Borders, Summer School for MA and PhD-students, Lesbos, Greece 2012

ENG-3105 Border-Crossing Narratives: MA-course at Tromsø University, autumn term 2012 (10 credits)

Border Crossings:Global and Local Societies in Transition: MA-programme at the University of Eastern Finland

Flying University of Transnational Humanities (FUTH), border theme 2010-2012

Lecture recordings and videos

Talking Borders, An Audio Archive, Centre for International Borders Research, Queens University, Belfast

Lecture videos, University of Tromsø (Johan Schimanski)

  1. Crossing Borders in the Scandinavian Novel
  2. Reading borders on Olaus Magnus' map of the North
  3. Borders are Writing
  4. Borders are Narratives
  5. Borders are Fantastic
  6. Border Planes

Border Poetics and Border Aesthetics lecture videos: see Events and Border Aesthetics Lectures

Video lecture in Norwegian by Johan Schimanski as part of the Lørdagsuniversitetet (Saturday University) Spring 2008 "Borders Theme":

Recordings of border-orientated lectures at l'École normale supérieure, Paris:

The Border Poetics / Border Culture research group at the Faculty for Humanities, Social Sciences and Education, UiT The Arctic University of Norway. Participates in the projects Border Aesthetics and EUBORDERSCAPES.