Linneae Terrarum, CIBR and ABS resource pages." /> Linneae Terrarum, CIBR and ABS resource pages." />


For further links, see the Linneae Terrarum, CIBR and ABS resource pages.



Norge - Polarhavet (Bredde: 560px) Austria-Czechoslovakia (Bredde: 560px)

Literary and aesthetic projects and groups

Architectonics of Memory in Exile and Migration 

Border Aesthetics - facebook - twitter

Border Culture Blog (euborderscapes)

Border Fictions/Fictions de Frontières

Border Poetics Bibliography

Culture and the Canada-US Border (CCUSB)

DINO – Diversity in Nordic Literature

A Literary Atlas of Europe

Europas grenser - alternative site

Reflexion kulturelle Interferenzräume: Ostmitteleuropa im 20. Jahrhundert

Literary Geographies

SARP - The Sámi Art Research Project

LIMEN group

Transcultural Aesthetics

Traumatized Borders

Writing Cultures and Traditions at Borders


Further groups and projects

ABORNE - African Borderland Research Network

Alternative Spaces

Ancient Borderlands Research Focus Group

antiAtlas des frontiéres - facebook

Asian Borderlands Research Network

Association for Borderlands Studies (ABS)

Baltic Borderlands (IRTG 1540)

Barents Institute

Barriers on Borders/TIGER

BOMOCULT - Borders, Mobilities and Cultural Encounters


Border Communities - Microstudies on Everyday Life, Politics and Memory in European Societies From 1945 to the Present

Border Conditions & Territories

Border Crossing Observatory

Border Ireland

Border Policy Research Institute (BPRI)

CEPIN - Citizenship, Encounters and Place Enactment in the North

Centre for Cross-Border Studies

Centre for International Borders Research (CIBR)

Centre for Mobilities Research (CeMoRe)

Centro de Estudios de Fronteras e Integración Dr. José Manuel Briceño Monzillo (CEFI)

Danish Institute of Border Region Studies (IFG) 


El Colegio de la Frontera Norte




EUBORDERSCAPES - facebook page - facebook group

EU Border Identities Border Discourse


Europe Beyond East-West Division Centre of Expertise in Russian and Border Studies




Frontiéres et espaces frontaliers

Frontières, territoires, échanges


GRITim - Interdisciplinary Research Group on Immigration

Hugo Valentin Centre

IMER Bergen - International Migration and Ethnic Relations Research Unit

International Boundaries Research Unit (IBRU)

Metroborder - Cross-Border Polycentric Metropolitan Regions

Metrolux - Cross-border metropolitan integration research team

Mofip - Mobilités, Frontières & Conflits dans les Espaces Israèlo-Palestiniens

Netzwerk Kritische Migrations- und Grenzregimeforschung - twitter

Newberry Seminar in Borderlands and Latino Studies

Nijmegen Centre for Border Research

Re-Inhabiting No-Man's Land

SeFoNe - Searching for Neighbours

Sierra Club Borderlands Program - twitter

Trans-Border Institute

Transborder Communities • Comunidades Transfronterizas

Transnational Communities research programme

University of North Dakota Institute for Border Studies

UniGR-Center for Border Studies

VERA Centre for Russian and Border Studies

Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION

Art, museum, journalism & activist projects

The American Wall

Angles of Innocence (Rainio & Roberts)

antiAtlas des frontiéres - antiAtlas of Borders

Barents Observer

Bild10 - Borders

Blue Wall of Silence (Vibeke Jensen)

The Border

Border Cultures - Conjunto Music

Border film project - Photos by migrants & minutemen on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Border Dialogues

Border Art Work Shop / Taller de Arte Frontizero

Borderlands (Rainio & Roberts)

The Borderlands Project

Borderlands Restoration - facebook

Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review

Borderlines (Alexis Cordesse)

Borderlines (Morten Traavik) - alternative


Border Narratives: Life Stories of Migrant Border Crossings

BorderReporter - News that Crossed the Line


Border Songs Project

Borders and Checkpoints - facebook - twitter

Borders Project (Bernado Giorgi)

Borders Project


Borderzine - Reporting Across Fronteras

Beyond the Border (Mathias Depardon)

Caderno Arraiano

Crossing Borders - Movements and Struggles of Migration Transnational Newsletter

Ecologies of Difference: The Green Line (Ian Alan Paul)

The End of the Border (Stefano Cogol)

European Day for Border Guards - facebook

European Green Belt

face2faceproject (Israel/Palestine)

Géographie des frontières

Iron Curtain Diaries 1989-2009

La Frontera: Artists along the US Mexican Border

Fronteras invisibles

Frontières - Les limites de l’Europe

La Machine à expulser

Le monde n'est pas ronde

noborder network

Northern Experiments

Open Borders

Pikene på broen

Repellent Fence (Postcommodity)

Space Calendar Project - Borderlands

Stop Evros Wall

United States of Barents

Virtual Borders

The Water without Borders


The Border Poetics / Border Culture research group at the Faculty for Humanities, Social Sciences and Education, UiT The Arctic University of Norway. Participates in the projects Border Aesthetics and EUBORDERSCAPES.