Neurobiology of sexual behavior 

  • Neurobiology of sexual motivation and behavior.
  • Sociosexual behavior of rats housed in a seminatural environment.
  • Evaluation of possible effects of specific estrogen receptors on sexual motivation and receptivity.
  • The role of incentives in sexual motivation, sexual behavior, and mate choice.



Cognitive decline in normal aging and Alzheimer’s disease

  • Psychomotor decline of speech production in Alzheimer’s disease and normal aging and their association with age-related brain degeneration (volumetry, DTI, VBM).
  • fMRI pilot study of verbal performance in young and healthy older adults
  • Association between cognitive decline and gait changes in healthy elderly and mild AD patients.
  • Age-related differences in auditory attention in dual-task situations.
  • Role of attentional capacities on fine motor functions in aging.

Life-span projects

  • Pulmonary function and cognitive development from adolescence to old age.
  • Development of object knowledge from childhood to old age

Child development

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