Group Leader: Annamari Vitikainen

Vice-leader: Kim Angell


Annamari Vitikainen


Multiculturalism; Migration; Minority rights; Sexuality and gender


Kim Angell

 Associate Professor 

Theory of Democracy; Global Justice and Territorial Rights


Joanna Kreft

Research Assistant


Jan Harald Alnes

Associate Professor

Pluralism and stability; Rule of law; Constitutionalism


Anna-Karin Margareta Andersson

Post-doctoral research fellow

Global justice; Climate justice and sustainable development goals; Capabilities approach; Human Rights


Roar Anfinsen

Associate Professor



Melina Duarte

Post-doctoral Researcher

Immigration and borders; Human rights and state sovereignty; minority rights and equality


Magnus Skytterholm Egan

PhD Student

Migration; Global justice


Kjersti Fjørtoft
Equality of opportunity; Gender equality; Democratic citizenship


Andreas Føllesdal


Minority Rights, distributive justice, democratic theory


Jennifer Clare Heyward


Climate change as a cultural injustice; Technological responses to climate change


Thea Isaksen

PhD student

Deliberative democracy; Populism; Social media; Feminist philosophy


Jonas Jakobsen

Associate professor

Democratic theory; Free speech; Secularism and religion


Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen


equality and discrimination


Michael Morreau


Social choice theory; Epistemic democracy; Social epistemology; Multi-criterial decision-making


Kaja Jenssen Rathe


PhD Student

Political philosophy, phenomenology, migration, rightlessness, feminist philosophy, existentialism


Kerstin Reibold

Indigenous rights; Territorial Rights; Historic Injustice


Vegard Stensen

PhD Student

Recognition theory; Self-respect; Rawls 



Øyvind Stokke

Associate professor

Deliberative democracy; Climate justice and institutions

Attila Tanyi


Freedom; Global justice and institutionalism; Consequentialism

Previous PhD students:

Melina Duarte: State Membership: A Question of Individual Choice   (Fall 2016)

Jonas Jakobsen: "The Claims of Freedom: Habermas´ Deliberative Multiculturalism and the Right to Free Speech"  (Spring 2017)

Tomasz Jarymowicz: Democratic Deliberation in the Context of Deep Pluralism and Mass Democracy: A Case for an Epistemic Idea of Public Reason  (Spring 2017)

Kerstin Reibold: Can concern for equal social bases of self-respect justify indigenous rights?  (Fall 2020)

Magnus Egan: Who merits admittance? The fairness of skills-based migration criteria  (will be disputed 20.10.21)

Institutional partners: 

Civic Constellation III: Democracy, Constitutionalism, and Anti-Liberalism. Hosted by University of Malaga (2019-2022)

Indigenous Citizenship and Education (ICE). Hosted by the Center for Sami Studies (SESAM), UiT (2017-2021)

Globalizing Minority Rights. Hosted by Pluralism, Democracy and Justice Research Group, UiT (NFR Project 2016-2020)

Centre for the Experimental-Philosophical Study of Discrimination - CEPDISC. Hosted by Aarhus University (2020-2026).