Upcoming events:

20.-21. March 2023: PDJ workshop with Vittorio Bufacchi

10-12th May 2023: Goodint Project Workshop on Exclusion, integration, and democracy at UiT, Tromsø. One day of the 3-day workshop will be dedicated to a symposium with invited speakers on Patti Tamara Lenard’s book Exclusion and Democracy. See the Call for Papers here. Organized in collaboration with Goodint Project.

21-23rd June 202323: GOODINT international conference on Trust, Integration, and Social Cohesion at Memorial University Newfoundland. Organized in collaboration with Goodint Project.

Keynote speakers:

  • Keith Banting (Queen’s University)
  • Emanuela Ceva (University of Geneva)
  • Gina Gustavsson (Uppsala University)

See the call for Papers here


Regular workshops:

PDJ organizes two regular workshops each year (Spring & Autumn) with both internal members and invited speakers. The workshops are thematically organized, and operate with a principle of pre-circulated papers, and plenty of time for discussion.


Midsummer conferences:

PDJ has a tradition of organizing an international conference in political philosophy at UiT, Tromsø during the midnight sun period in June.

Previous conferences include:

2021: Democracy and Challenges of Populism

2020: GMR conference on Global Structural Injustice and Minority Rights at Northeastern, Boston, USA. (together with GMR project [Cancelled due to Covid-19]

2018: Refugees and Minority Rights (together with the GMR project)

2016: Active Citizenship Today: Discourses, Conditions, Contestations (together with the ACT project, PRIO/Oslo)

2015: Climate Change: Political and Ethical Strategies

2014: Free Speech, Public Deliberation, and Global Affairs

2013: Realizing Global Justice: Theory and Practice

2012: Secularism, Tolerance, and Religious Minorities




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