Centre Days 2014, 22 - 24 September

The purpose of the Centre Days is to present our ongoing research for the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB will assess the annual report and the quality of Research output to provide recommendations for coming year.


Monday 22 September

Presentation of the Centre for the SAB.

Presentations will be given by the Centre Leader and the Centre members.


Tuesday 23 September

Centre days workshops - more information.


Wednesday 24 September

Guest lectures - room 4213:

09 00 - 1000: Researching the Law of the Sea and other Disciplines. Professor Ellen Hey, Erasmus 

University , Rotterdam, The Netherlands


1015 - 1115: Arctic - South China Sea, Professor Ted McDorman, University of Victoria, Canada


1215 - 1315: My experience as a part of the legal team in the Bangladesh/Myanmar Case,  Assistant Professor Bjarni Mar Magnusson, Reykjavik University, Iceland


Thursday 25 - Friday 26 September

Energy Law Conference: "The legal issues associated with the development and use of Arctic energy resources."