Bachelor students

Tonje Håtveit Kristoffersen (Biomedicine)

Silje Hjellbrekke (Biomedicine)


Master students

Reem Alem Gebregazabhier (Master of Pharmacy)

Gustav Godtlibsen (Master of Biomedicine)



Thibaud Freyd – PhD thesis: “Allosteric modulation of G-Protein Coupled Receptors in the Central Nervous System”. Supervisor professor Ingebrigt Sylte, Co-supervisors Dr. Mari Gabrielsen and associate professor Kurt Kristiansen.

Cecilie Thon Heidelberg – PhD thesis: “Airway symptoms and allergy associations with exposure to organic materials during fish processing at sea” Supervisor associate professor Lisbeth Aasmoe, co-supervisors associate professor  Berit Bang and Dr. Mariann Sandsund, SINTEF Technology and Society, Trondheim.

Linn Mari Evenseth – PhD thesis: “New compounds with putative antidepressant or anxiolytic potential”. Supervisor professor Ingebrigt Sylte, co-supervisors: Dr. Mari Gabrielsen, associate professor Kurt Kristiansen and Dr. Imin Wushur.