About the research group

The increase in life expectancy is generating aging societies with a remarkable increase in age-related diseases, including cancer. Stem cells provide the source for replenishing mature cells in the organism throughout its life whilst maintaining the stem cell pool itself. These fascinating abilities assure tissue regeneration but must be fine-tuned regulated as their imbalance may underlie both, aging and cancer. How stem cells decide depends not only on cell-intrinsic regulators but also on extracellular signals received from their surrounding microenvironment. 

To study these processes, we use a variety of state-of-the-art techniques in the field, including novel mouse genetic tools, stem cells, omics and advanced imaging. Our group has a broad international network and strengthens translational research through established collaborations with the University Hospital of North Norway (UNN).

Some of our research in the last years include: Villatoro et al, 2023, Nat Commun; Arranz et al, 2014, Nature; Sanchez-Aguilera et al, 2014, Cell Stem Cell


News about the Group

02.07.2015. Vil bli en ressurs på stamcelleforskning

27.10.2015. Det er kreftforskerne som sitter med våpnene

06.04.2016. 24 nominasjoner til Helsefaks priser 2016

27.02.2017. Stor pengegave til kreftforskningen ved UiT

28.09.2017. Welcome to Lorena Arranz from University of Tromsø (UiT) at NCMM UiO
Photo of Lorena Arranz

28.09.2017. 8th annual Nordic EMBL Partnership meeting

04.05.2018. III Reunión del Grupo Español de Enfermedades Mieloproliferativas Crónicas Filadelfia Negativas

02.12.2020. We have been reappointed by the NCMM network, which expands to include 47 scientists from all over Norway! Check the news here.

08.02.2021. Dr. Marko Ristic receives a MSCA Fellowship in the group of the Spanish Dr. Lorena Arranz – SFNO (sfno-ieno.no)

23.09.2022. Our Centre of Excellence CRESCO receives 10 years of funding from the Research Council of Norway! Read the news here.

13.01.2023. Our recent research may help patients of acute myeloid leukemia in the future. Read more about it in Norwegian: Leukemipasienter kan få hjelp av ny metode Norsk funn gir håp for blodkreft­pasienter Nytt håp for voksne leukemipasienter and in English: Norwegian discovery gives hope for blood cancer patients (sciencenorway.no) NCMM Associate Investigator collaboration leads to important findings on the development of acute myeloid leukemia - Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway (uio.no)