About the research group

Working within health sciences involves providing a service that is justified, evaluated and amended in light of research into medicine and health sciences, prevailing health policy and general developments within society. The research group shall produce empirical and theoretical knowledge of the content, impact and organisation of working as a health science professional.

The requirement for public health services is higher than the services offered, and political reform is a relevant solution to this problem. Reform may challenge the established methods of working and organising health sciences. New requirements are made of the health institutions, those who practice health services and those who receive health services.

The vision of the research group is as follows:

  • To produce knowledge of those aspects that optimise the professional performance of health sciences
  • To include those who make use of such knowledge in all parts of the research process
  • To distribute such knowledge to relevant parties and groups

The activities of the research group target two main projects:

  • Therapeutic and care-related interventions and relationships
  • Content and organisation of professional performance of health sciences

The research is based on natural scientific, humanistic and social scientific theories regarding illness, health and professional performance.  Both quantitative and qualitative methods are applied.

The strengths of the research group lie in its mix of disciplines, theoretical and methodical range, national and international research network and a portfolio of relevant research projects that investigate various aspects of the two main projects for the research group:

  • Content and impact of therapeutic relationships and interventions
  • Development, implementation and utilisation of digital systems for health sciences
  • Control and management of health sciences as a profession
  • Influence of the user and user-focused services
  • Changes in responsibility between service levels, knowledge requirement and expertise

The members of the research group have experience of physiotherapy, social education, ergotherapy, nursing and sociology. Several members have a Ph.D. in medical subjects and sociology.

Cooperation with practice and other research groups

The research group aims to enter into active cooperation with practice and other relevant research groups in order to develop common research projects relating to the research group's main projects.