The group aims to secure internal and external financial support for a diverse range of individual and collaborative research and knowledge transfer projects. Below is a list of successful applications only.


 "Translating and Interpreting from Russian: An International Knowledge Transfer Workshop" (UiT NOK 50,000; held on 5 December)

"Filming the Unfilmable" (UiT NOK 20,000) to Andrei Rogatchevski for data collection in Poland about The Hourglass Sanatorium (1973) by Wojciech Has


 "The Russian Revolutions of 1917: The Northern Impact and Beyond" (in collaboration with Professors Kari Aga Myklebost and Jens Petter Nielsen; UiT NOK 60,000; Barentssekretariatet NOK 36,000; an international seminar held on 25-26 October 2017)

"Svalbard and the Humanities: A Two-Day Workshop in Tromsø" (Svalbard Science Forum/SSG/NFR NOK 147,000; held on 27-28 November 2017)


 "Environmental Dialogue in the Barents Region" (UiT NOK 30,000) to Sander Goes (Barents Institute), "for a pilot study aiming to analyse not only environmental but also the ethical, communicative and political aspects of environmental dialogue in the Barents region, particularly in Norwegian and Russian society. By studying how corporations deal with the environmental norm (instead of a classical “top-down” approach of complying with the formal rules of the game), we will increase our understanding of the norm-obedience behavior and, moreover, whether we can observe a kind of dialogue between corporations and other stakeholders in society. This pilot project – which will be part of a broad international study of norm-obedience under the regimes where the rule of law is considered weak – will also challenge environmental deinstitutionalization theorists arguing that stakeholders have no influence in the environmental decision-making process in contemporary Russia. Our research group will organize a workshop at the Barents Institute in Kirkenes in January 2019 in order to analyse the results of the project's fieldwork".

As a follow-up to HUMEVAL (an assessment of humanities research across Norway's higher education institutions, undertaken in 2016-17, in which RSCPR received a good mark), NOK 2,062M have been awarded to the group for the period of 2019-2021 for a three-year PhD position, as well as research project development, guest researchers, research trips abroad and attendance/organisation of workshops/conferences. 


 "GLORIOUS: Digital Poetry in Today's Russia: Canonisation and Translation" (MSCA-IF, EUR 202,158.72), a two-year EU-funded postdoctoral research project, carried out by Dr Josephine von Zitzewitz

"Unknown Archival Documentaries about Svalbard" (UiT NOK 25,000) to Andrei Rogatchevski


"Perspectives on Contemporary Belarus" (UiT NOK 30,000) to Andrei Rogatchevski to organise and hold, in the autumn of 2022 in Tromsø, an international conference on Belarusian culture and identity (held on 7-8 September 2022)


A CUNP grant (NOK 25,000) to host Ms Sophie Duveau (EHESS) researching a history of French bases on Svalbard.

An NFR/SSG Arctic Field Grant (NOK 85,000) for Ms Sophie Duveau's research trip to Ny-Ålesund in the summer of 2022.


A CUNP grant (NOK 35,000) to Andrei Rogatchevski to spend two months at Aix-Marseille Université to work on an article about Joseph Brodsky's "Gorbunov and Gorchakov"