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Stone Age Demographics: Fieldwork

The project conducts extensive fieldwork in Western Finnmark.

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We are re-documention previously known sites to obtain more accurate and detailed information on both structures and site locations. We are surveying for additional sites and to evaluate the representativity of the existing records. We are excavating sites to address specific research questions.

The fieldwork reports wil be available online here.


Excavation Djupvik. Participants: Jørgensen, Gjerde, Gordaoff, Damm, Tansem.

Redocumentation eastern parts of Altafjord. Participants: Gjerde, Damm


Surveying in Altafjord, testpitting Store Korsnes. Participants: Gjerde, Hood, Jordan, Røe, Damm

Surveying and re-documentation Fella, Vatnan, Gåshopen. Participants: Damm, Skandfer, Gjerde

Surveying and testpitting Sandbukt. Participants: Vollan, Henriksen

Excavation Langnesholmen. Participants: Gjerde, Damm, Linge, Terkelsen, Lahelma, Normann

Excavation Risvåg. Participants: Skandfer, Vollan, Terkelsen


Surveying around Seiland. Participant: Gjerde

Re-documentation and Surveying on Seiland, Slettnes and Porsangerfjord. Participants: Vollan, Damm, Skandfer

Surveying and documentation in Vargsundet and outer Altafjord. Participants: Gjerde, Ramberg

Surveying for quarry sites in Altafjord:. Participants: Hood, Gjerde

Re-documentation and surveying Seiland (incl. Kårhamn), Slettnes and Vargsundet. Participants: Damm, Gordaoff

Excavation Taborshamn and St. Sandbukt on Sørøya. Participants: Skandfer, Vollan, Damm, Jørgensen, Gordaoff, Jordan, Røe


Re-documentation and surveying in the Hasvik-sørvær area on Sørøya. Participants: Damm, Skandfer, Jordan, Jørgensen and Vollan

Re-documentation and surveying on Årøya in Altafjord .Participants: Gjerde, Damm, Skandfer, Vollan


Pre-project fieldwork

Re-documentation and surveying in the Hasvik-Sørvær area on Sørøya. Partcipants: Damm, Skandfer, Jordan, Jørgensen and Vollan