Activities in 2020

This was supposed to the year where we presented our research and results at many different workshops and conferences. That, of course, did not happen. However, while working from home dominated large parts of the year, we have been active elsewhere as well.

Sept. 2020 23-27th.

Jan Magne Gjerde and Charlotte Damm surveyed and redocumented sites in Altafjord.

Parts of Lille Lerretsfjord and Vargsundet. Foto: C.Damm
Store Korsnes, a key habitation area during the Stone Age. Foto: C.Damm

Sept. 7th-11th.

Marianne Skandfer, Fredrik Hallgren and Charlotte Damm presented at MESO2020. The presentations were uploaded as videos and will be openly available for some time for those who registrered: MESO2020

June 14th-19th.

The team consting of Erlend K. Jørgensen, Jan Magne Gjerde, Roberta Gordaoff, Charlotte Damm and Karin Tansem excavated a series of 1 m2 test pits at the presumed slate quarry at Djupvik in Alta. The results were positive and we have confirmed the prehistoric use of the slate at the site. Large amounts of debris, some preforms, red ochre and charcoal was recovered. Publication on the way!

Overview of the site taken with drone. Foto: E.K. Jørgensen
Roberta Gordaoff excavating one of the test pits. Foto: E.K.Jørgensen

June 3rd.

PhD-student Roberta Gordaoff had her mid-way seminar - all online of course! The external committee member was Prof. Hein Bjerck from NTNU, and the internal Prof. Marianne Skandfer.

Roberta Gordaoff at the Taborshamn excavation. Foto: C.Damm