This list provides examples of projects SAG is engaged in. For more information about these projects or other, open the links or contact us.


Project title


Norwegian-Russian International Programme of Professional Exchange (NRIPPE) Exchange of resident doctors between Norway and Russia.
Enhancing public health efforts in Arkhangelsk Knowledge exchange between Russia and Norway in public health.

Norwegian Research School of Global Health (NRSGH)

SAG is the administrative coordinator from UiT to the Norwegian Research School of Global Health. 

The Heart to Heart project

The project compares the results from the Tromsø 7 study with the International Project on Cardiovascular Disease in Russia (IPCDR). 
Georgian-Norwegian Collaborative in Public Health (GeNoC-PH) Developing birth register and establishing joint master program in public health.

Improving mental health services in the Arkhangelsk region

The main aim of the project is to improve the quality of life of mental health care patients in the Arkhangelsk region.
Antimicrobial Stewardship and Conservancy in Africa

The project deals with issues related to antimicrobial resistance through research, education and general capacity building of local facilities in Malawi and Mozambique. 

Research Network for Refugee Health   

Resource platform for academics and others engaged in refugee health. 

UArctic cooperation in occupational medicine Developing an online course about challenges regarding work opportunities for indigenous populations in the Arctic.  
Establishing a cultural school with health centre for disadvantaged children in Port Elisabeth, South Africa This project led by the Department of Music, Dance and Drama (Musikkonservatoriet) at UiT aims to establish a cultural school with health centre for disadvantaged children in Port Elisabeth, South Africa. 
Collaboration with Children Burn Care Foundation (CBCF) Education of surgical nurses/surgeons to work with burn victims in Ethiopia and Tanzania.

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