How to apply for data access

Access to your own data file can be granted upon application and entering into an agreement. Such an agreement gives the right to research a specific question within a specified time frame, and to publish a pre-determined number of articles.

All researchers connected to institutions with research expertise may apply for access to analyse data from the Tromsø Study. An individual assessment must be made for each project whether access is covered by existing approvals/concessions or whether a new approval is required from the Regional Committee for Medical Research Ethics (REK).

Application procedure:

  • The Head of Project must consider the available variables in the Tromsø Study and select relevant variables and population selection. As an example, you can view our publication on NESSTAR
  • Complete the application form (in Norwegian) and send it to:

Department of Community Medicine
University of Tromsø
9037 Tromsø
Attn: Tromsøundersøkelsen

Applications must contain a project description (protocol), publication plan and a list of the desired variables as outlined in the previous paragraph (NESSTAR). The application must also include the names of the Head of Project and any collaborators, along with an outline of the project's dimension and timeline. The approval of the REK and eventual concessions from the privacy commissioner can be forwarded.

Please be aware that data will not be made available until the application process is completed.

  • Applications are normally handled by the Data and Publication Committee (DPU) which conduct meetings the first Tuesday in each month.  Applications have to be forwarded to the Department of Community Medicine one week before the next meeting.
  • Data will be made available when all necessary documentation has been forwarded to the Tromsø Study, and an agreement has been signed.

Please refer to Guidelines for access to research data from The Tromsø Study (pdf) for more detailed information.