Publications and Conferences

2018: publications

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2018: conferences

Nilsen, E. R., Olafsen, A. H. & Jørgensen, E. J. B. (2018). The show must go on – Resilience, design and proximity in public organizations in transition. LAEMOS 2018-03-22 - 2018.

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2017: publications

Bertella, G. (2017). The emergence of Tuscany as a wedding destination: the role of local wedding planners. Tourism Planning & Development, 14(1), 1 – 14.

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2017: conferences

Ghassim, B. (2017). Attributes of external stakeholder engagement and sustainability-oriented innovation: lessons from the Norwegian minerals industry. NORSI Research School Conference. 11 -12/01/2017.

Ghassim, B. (2017). When innovation meets green transition of the minerals industry: an exploratory capability-based study in Norway. The 24th Nordic Academy of Management Conference. 23-25/08/2017.

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2016: publications

Foss, L. (2016). Revisiting research on gender in entrepreneurial networks, gender and entrepreneurship: A never changing discourse?  C. Henry, T., Nelson, & K. V. Lewis (eds). The Global Companion to Female Entrepreneurship. Routledge. 

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2016: conferences

Bertella, G. (2016). The student competition as a temporary collective learning environment to foster communities of practice. International Student Competition of Fermo. Fermo (Italy). 03-08/05/2016.

Bertella, G. (2016). Innovating under the Tuscan sun: the emergence of a tour operator network re-inventing the tourism experience. ECONA bedriftsøkonomisk forening, Tromsø (Norway). 02/11/2016.

Pierdicca, R., Frontoni, E., Cavicchi, A., Santini, C., Rinaldi, C. & Bertella, G. (2016). Experiences from the first international student competition in Fermo (Italy) on “Place branding and Mediterranean Diet”. Enhancing Sustainable Tourism in Adriatic-Ionian Region through co-creation: the role of Universities and Public-Private Partnerships. Macerata (Italy), 15-16/09/2016.

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Jørgensen, E. J. B. (2016). Entreprenørskap på grensen. Veivalg i norsk utenriks og sikkerhetspolitikk (omtale) 2016-11-07 - 2016-11-07 2016.

Mathisen, L. & Jørgensen, E. J. B., (2016). Understanding more about speed of Innovation: the case of an SME in a rural context. RENT 2016 2016-11-16 - 2016-11-18 2016

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