EPINORs scientific profile.  We offer funding of PhD students activities, and various forms of support to course teachers and supervisors." /> EPINORs scientific profile.  We offer funding of PhD students activities, and various forms of support to course teachers and supervisors." />

Newsletter January

Happy New Year Folks! It is time for the first newsletter from EPINOR in 2018. This time we have som interesting job oportunities, some recommended events and one new course in register epidemiology. We have also included a new research group into our network which we are presenting to you. Which research group should be introduced next month? Share information with your colleagues! Send it to epinor@uit.no

Do you know about a PhD cours ein Norway or abroad that you would like to join? Do you have a plan to go on a reserach stay? Do you have a inovative idea for an event for you and your fellow students? Apply for funding before 15.February     


The course has a golbal health focus and is relevant for both members of EPINOR as well as th national Research School in GLobal Health. “The course is directed at students who work with register, biobank or large population-type data. Many of the lectures and examples used will have a global health perspective. Hopefully the course will provide the students with several practical tools that they can apply to their individual work and projects”

New Research Group in the EPINOR Network: Occupational Health in the North
EPINOR has a gathered most of the research groups within the network on our webpage. See the list here. The newest registered group is called Occupational Health in the North and is located in Tromsø. Cannot find your own research groups on the list? Contact us on epinor@uit.no  

Registration for the EPINOR and CASE Summer School has opened. Half the spots have already been taken! It might be a good idea to sign up early for this event. EPINOR highly recommends, especially new PhD students, to join the summer school. 


Congratulations on defending your thesis

Admassu Nadew Lamu. “Three Essays on Subjective Well-being and Preference-Weighted Health”
Tore Christoffersen: ”The influence of birth weight, childhood fractures and lifestyle factors on peak bone mass in Norwegian boys and girls between 15-18 years of age. The Tromsø Study, Fit Futures”

Job opportunities

Faculty of Public Health at Kuwait University (professors and associate profs)
Postdoctoral position in Diet x gut microbiome-based metabotypes in precision nutrition 
Post Doc Fellowship - Cancer Registry
Assistant/Associate Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Post Doc Position - University of Copenhagen
Assistant Professor - KI

Recommended activities: 

The 2018 Exposome short courses series

You are now welcome to join EPINOR as a full member if your if your reserach profile fits EPINORs profile and if you send in an application.