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Anna S. J. Frank Thyroid hormone replacement therapy during pregnancy - Quantifying medication patterns and associated outcomes in the offspring 2019
Rune Hoff Causal inference in event history analysis with complex longitudinal data 2018
Håvard Thøgersen Immigrants in Norway with cancer – Stage at diagnosis, treatment and survival 2019
Gunn Helen Moen Genetic and environmental etiology of glucose metabolism and cardiometabolic traits during pregnancy and in later life 2019
Helena Kames Kjeldgaard Hyperemesis gravidarum and mental health: Exploring associations 2018
Linn Merete Åsli Radiotherapy in Norway. Utilization, access, and treatment outcome aspects 2018
Kåre R. Richardsen Physical activity during pregnancy through postpartum: A study of predictive and explantory factors in a multi-ethnic population 2017
Quirino Puzo Suicide in Immigrant Population: Insights from Norwegian Population Registers 2018
Markus Dines Knudsen Lifestyle and colorectal cancer screening by fecal immunochemical test and sigmoidoscopy in a Norwegian pilot study 2017
Per-Jostein Samuelsen Use of analgesics in the general population: Trends, persistence, high-risk use and associations with pain sensitivity 2016
Marte Myhre Reigstad Risk of cancer after Fertility Treatment in Norway. Population-based studies on women treated with and children conceived by assisted reproduction 2016
Maysaa Nemer Chemical Exposure and Respiratory Health among Female Hairdressers in Palestine 2015
Olga Alexandrovna Kharkova Changes in smoking behavior during pregnancy: prevalence and effect on selected adverse pregnancy and birth outcomes. The Murmansk County Birth Registry study 2018
Mona Berthelsen Effects of shift work and psychological and social work factors on mental distress. Studies of onshore/offshore workers and nurses in Norway 2017
Yury Sumarokov Suicides in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Russia 2016
Yousef Mohammad Mustafa Jaradat Workplace Stress Among Nurses Stressful working conditions, shift work, and workplace aggression among Nurses in Hebron District, West Bank, Palestine 2017
Yngvar Nilssen A population‐based study of lung cancer in Norway – the importance of resection rate and factors associated with treatment and survival 2016
Ylva Hivand Hiorth Fall ved Parkinsons sykdom 2016
Vivian Berg Concentrations and predictors of persistent organic pollutants in pregnant women and associations with maternal and infant thyroid homeostasis. The NorthernNorway Mother-and-Child Contaminant Cohort Study 2015
Vitaly Postoev Using medical birth registries in the Kola Peninsula for birth defects surveillance and investigation of their risk factors 2016
Unn Sollid Manskow Caregivers to patients with severe traumatic brain injury. A national prospective study on caregiver burden, life satisfaction and health care experiences 2017
Tricia Lynn Lois Larose Vitamin D status in a Norwegian population: any link to lung function? 2015
Torunn Varmdal Gaining knowledge through health registers. Utility of the Norwegian Stroke Register and the Norwegian Patient Register - studies of data quality and epidemiologic analyses 2016
Toril Bakken Whole-grain bread, milk, and risk of colorectal cancer. The Norwegian Women and Cancer Study 2016
Therese Haugdahl Nøst Understanding temporality in human concentrations of organic contaminants 2014
Sweta Tiwari Atrial Fibrillation: A prospective population study of risk factors and complications. The Tromsø Study 2018
Solbjørg Makalani Myrtveit Risk factors for development and maintenance of chronic whiplash 2015
Tore Christoffersen The influence of birth weight, childhood fractures and lifestyle factors on peak bone mass in Norwegian boys and girls between 15-18 years of age. The Tromsø Study, Fit Futures 2017
Silje L. Kaspersen Health and unemployment in Norway: Selection or causation 2017
Ruby del Risco Kollerud Radon Exposure and Socioeconomic status in Relation to Childhood Leukemia and Cancer in the Central Nervous System 2016
Rita Kral Cortical bone and fracture risk: The Tromsø Study 2018
Reza Ghiasvand Sunscreen use, indoor tanning and risk of melanoma among Norwegian women 2016
Rajesh Shigdel Cortical porosity as a target for fracture prevention: The Tromsø Study 2016
Ragnhild Lier A life course and intergenerational approach to the study of musculoskeletal disorders: The HUNT Study 2016
Marit Osima Cortical porosity, medullary adiposity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, serum vitamin D, parathyroid hormone, and nonvertebral fractures 2018
Marianne Bakke Johnsen Leisure time physical activity and smoking as potential risk factors for severe hip and knee osteoarthritis. The HUNT Study 2017
Marianna Cortese The timing of environmental risk factors and prodromal signs of multiple sclerosis 2017
Maria Garcia Lopez Risk of fracture: The importance of B-vitamins and self-reported memory loss 2018
Maria Christine Magnus Early Environmental Exposures and Childhood Respiratory Disorders 2015
Magnhild Oust Torske Mental Health in Norwegian Farmers - The HUNT Study 2017
Line Iden Berge Depression and migraine comorbid to diabetes: Epidemiological studies utilizing data from the Norwegian Prescription Database and The Hordaland Health Study 2014

Lene Angell Åsli

Potato consumption and risk of colorectal and pancreatic cancer. The Norwegian Women and Cancer cohort and the HELGA cohort 2016

Lene Aasdahl

Occupational rehabilitation and readiness for return to work in individuals with musculoskeletal complaints and mental health disorders. A randomized clinical trial 2017

Lars-Kristian Lunde

Physical demands at work: objectively measured exposure and musculoskeletal pain in construction- and healthcare workers 2017

Kristine Vejrup

Prenatal mercury exposure and associations with birth weight and neurodevelopment in children 2018

Kristin Gärtner Askeland

Mental health problems in internationally adopted adolescents 2017

Kjetil Lauvland Bjørnevik

The interplay between environmental risk factors for multiple sclerosis 2017

Katrine Damgaard Skyrud

Survival inequalities in common cancers in Norway and the impact of prevention scenarios on colorectal cancer mortality - Using national registry data on cancer, comorbidity and socioeconomic status 2017

Karina Corbett

Understanding sick leave risk in a lifecourse framework. A register-based birth cohort study of Norwegians born 1967–1976 2016

Karin Magnusson

Hand osteoarthritis, pain and body weight – associations and potential mechanisms 2015

Julie Horn

Risk factors for breast cancer subtypes and breast cancer in old age. Prospective studies in Norwegian women 2014

Jose Hernán Alfonso

Skin diseases in Norway and cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma in four Nordic countries: the role of occupation and occupational exposures. A population-based study 2016

Jannicke Igland

Coronary Heart Disease in Norway – Relative importance of risk factors and educational inequalities in incidence and survival 2017

Ioanna D. Jacobsen

Dental health and need for non-operative treatment among 16-year-olds in Northern Norway 2018

Hilde Marie Engjom

Obstetric care in Norway - The role of institution availability and place of delivery for maternal and perinatal outcomes. Population-based retrospective cohort studies 2018

Gunnhild Vie Åberge

Darlings and Disability - Perceived Health in Couples and Disability Pension Receipt 2016

Gerhard Sulo

Acute myocardial infarction: predictors and nationwide trends in ocurrence  2014

Enxhela Sulo

Coronary heart disease care and outcomes in Norway. Time trends and socioeconomic inequalities 2017

Ekaterina Sharashova

Decline in resting heart rate, its association with other variables, and its role in cardiovascular disease; The Tromsø Study 2017

Despoina Theofylaktopoulou

Determinants of circulating kynurenines and related markers of inflammation - A cross-sectional study using data from the Hordaland Health study 2017

Christian Eckhoff

Multisite musculoskeletal pain in adolescence - The relationship with psychosocial problems, mental health and later welfare benefit receipt 2016

Cecilie Aagestad

Psychosocial risk factors for long-term sick leave- a prospective study of the Norwegian working population. With a special emphasis on female health and social workers 2017

Aung Soe Htet

The Prevalence of selected risk factors for non-communicable diseases among 25-74-year-old citizens of the Yangon Region, Myanmar: Urban-rural differences and changes from 2004 to 2014 2018

Athanasios Chortatos

Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy: effects on maternal diet, health, and birth outcomes. An investigation using the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study 2017

Astrid Margrethe Anette Eriksen

“Breaking the silence” Interpersonal violence and health among Sami and non-Sami- a population-based study in Mid -and Northern Norway 2017

Anne Winther

Adolescents’ lifestyle and bone health. The Tromsø Study, Fit Futures 2015

Anna Usynina

Risk factors of adverse pregnancy outcomes: opportunities and perspectives of a birth registry-based study 2017

Andrea Milde Øhrn

Unrecognized Myocardial Infarction. Pain tolerance, prognosis and pathogenesis in men and women 2018

Admassu Nadew Lamu

Three Essays on Subjective Well-being and Preference-Weighted Health 2018

Kai Philipp Triebner

Respiratory health in aging women: The influence of menopause on asthma incidence and lung function decline 2017

Ellen Modalsli Heil­mann

”Psoriasis: Prevalence, osteoporosis, depressive symptoms and obesity. The Nord-Trøndelag Health Study, 2006 - 08” 2017

Melanie Rae Simpson

Preventing atopic dermatitis with probiotic supplementation - the role of selected breast milk components. The Probiotics in the Prevention of Allergy among Children in Trondheim (ProPact) study 2018

Alf Inge Hellevik

"Systemic risk factors for severe osteoarthritis in the hip and knee: An epidemiological study from HUNT and the Norwegian Arthoplasty Register" 2018

Ingrid Snekvik

“Psoriasis and cardiovascular disease risk factors. The HUNT Study, Norway” 2018

Hilde Brun Lauritzen