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Newsletter June 2020

Dear all,

We hope you are safe and well! Unfortunately, most of the national activities this year have been postponed to 2021. This means that EPINOR will have activities in 2021. Meanwhile we encourage all EPINOR members to take part in your local EPINOR group and support eachothers work, and everyones well being. 


EPINOR Annual Meeting - November 2020, Bergen 
The local student group in Bergen is planning this year’s EPINOR Annual Meeting. If the virus situation has not worsened, we plan to have the meeting physically in Bergen. If that is not possible, we will plan for a digital annual meeting. Tantative date is November 4, 2020.



Sponsored by the Undergraduate College, Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), The 2020 Summer School will be held on line by the International Arctic School, HIT (IAS-HIT) on the topic of “To understand Arctic: Environment and Human Health” during July 6-17, 2020.


Funding Deadline EPINOR 15. september (for activities in 2021!)
Do you know about a PhD course in Norway or abroad that you would like to join? Do you have a plan to go on a research stay? Do you have a innovative idea for an event for you and your fellow students? Apply for funding (electronic application form!) before September 15. Please remember that EPINOR cannot cover expenses for food and local transportation! Due to the possible expantion of EPINOR until end of 2021, there might be new funding dates comming up later. We will keep you informed. 


Why should you apply for funding?  
So far EPINOR has given finacial support to over 70 different courses since 2014. No reason to not use the opportunity to go out and get a course that will lift your PhD process, both socially and scientifically. See the list of courses we have sent students to here. The students have also given us their review of the courses they attended. See their stories here (scroll down and you will find different stories from students).


This October I got the opportunity to go to Verona, Italy to work with collaborators at the University of Verona. My PhD project “Parental metabolic health and offspring asthma: preparing for parenthood already in childhood” will explore the influence of parental overweight and metabolic status for respiratory health in their future offspring.


I am a midwife, and a PhD candidate at the University of Bergen in collaboration with Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. My thesis include three epidemiological studies, and the topic for my thesis is migration and adverse neonatal outcomes.



Being an active EPINOR member from the University of Tromsø made it possible for me to attend a one-week long course on new statistical methods for causal inference (MF9570) at the University of Oslo in November 2019. It was a fantastic, hefty teaching of counterfactuals and mediation analysis.



Exclusive course and workshop in Tromsø - save the date
In the first week of December 2021 EPINOR will invite all members to an exclusive course and workshop in Tromsø. Make sure to hold the date! This will be the celebration of the 8 years of national research school in population based epidemiology. 

EPINOR Summer School is postponed to June 2021
We regret to inform you that we have to postpone this year’s summer school because of the situation with the Corona virus. We will try to organize an equally fantastic summer school in 2021 in Bergen. We will inform you about the dates as soon as possible, however you should keep the second week open just in case.



Congratulations on defending your thesis

Sigrid Børte: Genetic and environmental causes of migraine. The HUNT Study 

June 4, 2020

Frode Halland: Reproductive factors and maternal long-term mortality

February 12, 2020




Events and courses cancelled due to the Corona virus situation:

EPINOR Summer School: We will try to organize the same summer school later, and will inform you about the dates as soon as possible.

Course and workshop in Tromsø: We were planning to have an exclusive course and workshop in Tromsø for all EPINOR members in December 2020. Unfortunately, this has been cancelled due to the Corona virus situation.

The course “Conceptual Foundations of Epidemiologic Study Design and Analysis”: The course is cancelled. We will inform you if a new date for the course is set.