About the research group

The research group considers philosophy of education to be a discipline that draws upon education theory and practice as well as theoretical and empirical research. When contemporary empirical conditions are regarded in the context of philosophy of education, one contributes to an improved understanding of cultural and social phenomena and to the renewal of associated notions and theories.

The philosophy of education research group is an initiative by Mariann Solberg and Andrew Kristiansen, having its first meeting in October 2016. In January 2018 the group was approved as a research group at the beginner’s level by the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education — the status was designated for a two-year period. In january 2020, the research group was established as a research group at level 1 by the faculty. This level indicates that the group is among those who

"have passed the consolidation phase and have developed an academic community and a professionally focused activity level. They consist of researchers who publish regularly and have experience with external funding applications, and who have specific plans for increased research quality. Research groups in this phase will prioritize and immerse themselves in a professionally focused area, gather around common academic goals and build strategic networks to create an international reputation."

As of February 2020, the group consists of 9 ordinary members, and 5 associated members: 1 doctoral research fellow, 1 lecturer, 1 senior lecturer, 7 associate professors, 4 professors,  and 1 member are simultaneously PhD student, about to wrap up the work. The group includes employees from the Department of Education and the Department of Philosophy. 5 group members belong to the preschool and primary school student teacher education at the Department of Education. Masterstudents working on themes in the philosophy of education  who has their supervisor in the group regularly participate in activities.

The group’s research interests include a variety of topics and fields. We have identified three fields of interest within philosophy of education, centered on issues of cognitive/epistemological, political and moral philosophy:

  1. Critical thinking, reflexive judgement, bildung, knowledge
  2. Justice, equality and inequality, recognition, democracy, deliberative communication, multiculturalism
  3. Fundamental values of education (prescool, primary, secondary, tertiary); philosophy and children, curriculum studies

The group convenes in research seminars once a month, in which draft texts or new developments in education are presented.

The research group has established working relations with the research group Grunnped at the University of Bergen, and meet in a joint workshop, Tromsø-Bergen-seminaret in philosophy of education, once a year.

Previously, a Philosphy of education forum was connected to the research group. It consisted of researchers and others with an interest in problems in the philosophy of Education. The forum has been shut down due to the research groups decision to narrow down its research focus.