The philosophy of education research seminar

The philosophy of education research seminar is held approximately once per month; Wednesdays 14:15-15:45.


Programme spring 2020

22nd January: Pål Anders Opdal: What is Generic in ‘Generic Competence’?

18th March: Jens Breivik: Title TBA

22nd April: Hilde Brox: Title TBA

20th May: Joakim Berg Larsen: Title TBA

10th June: Bent-Cato Hustad: Barnets beste


Programme autumn 2019

14th August: Joakim Berg Larsen: Danning gjennom veiledning

4th September: Morten Bartnæs and Mariann Solberg: Two papers for the conference «Reclaiming Study Practices» in Leuven 18.-20. September

30th Oktober: Torill Strand: Om Peirce som pedagogisk filosof

18th Desember: Andrew Kristiansen: Pedagogikk og emosjoner


Programme spring 2019

23rd January: Morten Bartnæs: Dannelse i norsklæreplanene

13th February: Nils Christian Tveiterås: Skolen og elevenes digitale hverdagsliv; Mobilhotell og digital kompetanse

13th March: Kjersti Fjørtoft: Citizenship Education and Multiculturalism in Democratic Liberal Societies

10th April: Tim Dassler: Rollespill og kritisk tenkning: Hvordan bruke rollespill for å engasjere elever i en filosofisk samtale

15th May: Pål Anders Opdal: Formative assessment: Attempt at a Chararcterization 

12th June: Anne Lise Bakke: Livssynsmangfold og inkludering i barnehagen- for hvem?


Programme autumn 2018

5th September: Jens Breivik: Toulmin’s argument model used to analyze critical thinking in online discussions – construct validity

3rd October: Pål Anders Opdal: Adjusting a Mechanism to respond: Wittgenstein on Education 

5th December: Eli Vibeke Eriksen: (Title to be announced)

Programme spring 2018

31st January: Guests: Torjer Olsen, Kjersti Fjørtoft, Hilde Sollid: Indigenous Citizenship and Education (ICE)

14th March: The main members convene for an internal seminar

4th April: Bent-Cato Hustad: Strategic School Development - knowledge form within or knowledge from outside 

2nd May: Hilde Brox: Om lærerstudenters forståelse av teknologi

6th June: Jonas Jakobsen: Religiøs nøytralitet i skolen i pluralistiske samfunn

Programme autumn 2017

16th August: Morten Bartnæs: Om populisme

6th September: Mariann Solberg: Quality in Master- and Ph.d.-supervision: Academic Bildung trough Supervision?

4th October: Andrew Kristiansen: The teacher-learner relationship in heterogeneous settings. A counter-hegemonic approach.

1st November: Pål Anders Opdal: On Formative Assessment: A Critical Analysis

6th December: Jens Breivik: Frameworks to assess critical thinking and argumentation in online discussions – a discussion about validity / Part of a workshop with researchers from the University of Bergen

Programme spring 2017

18th January: Pål Anders Opdal: Om generell kompetanse i norsk høyere utdanning

1st March: Morten Bartnæs: Nietzsches "Om våre dannelsesinstitusjoners fremtid" 

5th April: Astrid Strandbu: Danning som sentralt teoretisk begrep i lærerutdanningen trinn 8-13?

3rd May: Kristin Emilie W. Bjørndal: Om verdsetting av nyutdannede masterlæreres kompetanse 

Seminar guidelines:

  • Presenting texts of different genres and forms, and in different degrees of completeness is allowed. Make sure they are appropriate for the reader in terms of scope.
  • The text must be made available on the Monday prior to the seminar.
  • The presenter may request particular types of feedback, and after an initial round of comments the presenter decides whether there will be more feedback or discussion. The presenter may also ask for prepared counterarguments from individual participants beforehand; in such cases the group should be informed when the text is distributed.
  • Those providing feedback are encouraged to emphasise the texts’ strengths prior to pointing out their weaknesses. Focus your feedback and keep it timely.

PhD students are prioritized in terms of holding presentations in the seminar.