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Preclinical Core Facility (The building)

PET/SPECT/CT Tri-Modality Scanner (Sequential Imaging)
equipped with a microvolumetric beta counter

Image source: Trifoil Imaging

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7T MR/PET Dual-Modality Scanner (Simultaneous Imaging)

Image source: MR Solutions

Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) with CT and Bioluminescence Imaging

Upright and Inverted Microscopes

Cryostat Sectioning (Leica CM1950)

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Motorized Stereotactic Frame (Robot Stereotaxic, Neurostar)

Image source: Neurostar

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The cyclotron is a 16.5/8.4 MeV PETtrace 800-series cyclotron with dual extraction. Targets for 18F, 11C (CO2 and CH4), 13N and 15O are available, generating a wide range of possibilities in terms of radiolabelling. In addition, the solid target unit Alceo (Comecer) will make possible the production of metal radionuclides such as 64Cu and 89Zr and 45Ti.
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Radiopharmaceutical Development Unit

Image source: Comecer and GE
  • Radiosynthesis lab
    • 2 MIP shielded cells (Comecer)
    • TRACERlab FxC (11CO2 and 11CH3I/TfO)
    • TRACERlab FxN (18F)
    • Safety bench for manual radiosynthesis intended for 99mTc and α-emitters (225Ac)
    • Cold precursor synthesis at the Dept. of Chemistry, UiT
  • Radioanalysis lab
    • High resolution UHPLC-QToF-MS including DAD detection (6530 model) and metobolomics analysis software (Agilent)
    • Semi-preparative HPLC-Radioflow-DAD (Agilent/Lablogic)
    • Analytical HPLC/UHPLC fitted with DAD and radioflow beta coincidence detection (Agilent and PosiRam detector from Lablogic) for pharmacokinetic studies (together with our HR-QtoF MS)
    • Head-Space-GC-FID for residual solvent determination (Agilent)
    • High-purity Germanium MCA (gamma spectrometry)
    • RadioTLC (Lablogic)
    • Dose calibrator
    • Rotavapor, centrivap, refrigerated centrifuge, osmometer, etc.

GMP Radiopharmaceutical Unit

Image source: Comecer and GE

In the GMP radiopharmaceutical production area, eight BSS series shielded cells and two Talia dispensing shielded cells are available for further product development into clinical application.

PET/CT (Siemens Biograph Vision Flow)

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PET/CT (Siemens Biograph mCT)

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PET/MR (Siemens Biograph mMR)

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SPECT/CT (GE Discovery NM/CT 670)

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