Children's Right to Health

This project will investigate how society, by using various legal instruments, can safeguard the right of the child to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health (UN Convention on the Rights of the Child art. 24), hereafter called the right to health. The primary objective is to safeguard children's rights in health matters balancing participation and protection, and balancing the rights and duties of the parents and children's rights, and the responsibility of the state. Health is a decisive factor in the formative conditions for children, which play a critical role in outcomes during the life cycle. The international and national legal framework on health care for children is crucial as law plays a vital role in advancing the right to health.  The character, meaning and consequences of the new provision in the Norwegian Constitution on children's rights to health, needs to be analyzed and questioned.

Funding: The Norwegian Research Council (11 213 000 NOK)
Project period: 2020-2024