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All operations of the Department of Comparative Medicine (AKM) are subjected to the regulation on the use of animals in experiments FOR-2015-06-18-761, which is based on EU Directive 2010/63.



There are 3 entry levels to the Department of Comparative Medicine

  1. User (person associated with a research project)
  2. Visitor
  3. Service technicians or other operating personnel

All access is requested via the department head, under access you will find guidance on how to gain access to AKM.



general routine has been prepared for AKM. This contains information about the department itself, requirements for users and health. As a user of AKM, it is your own responsibility to familiarize yourself with the department's routines. For more information see Routines in the department.



If you need technical assistance, the form for ordering research-related services must be submitted electronically. The form must be submitted well in advance of the desired service.




Transportation of animals is only done in accordance with a special agreement with AKM. For transportation, an order form must be submitted at least the day before.




All orders for animals must go through the Department for Comparative Medicine (AKM). A separate order form must be used, fill in the form well in advance.

  • Order deadline (Janvier, Taconic): monday kl. 10.00 if the animals are to be delivered the following week.
  • Order deadline (Charles River, Jax US): monday kl. 10:00 if the animals are to be delivered two weeks later. 

The animals will be in quarantin for 5 days after arrival, and before they can be considered for experiments.




Users are billed for animal housing. The price list and more information can be found here. External users will be charged VAT.

Invoices are sent out every quarter. For small rodents, the price unit is cage/week; for other mammals the price is individual animal/week; for zebrafish aquarium/week.

NOTE: prices do NOT include the purchase of animals. Contact AKM if you would like information on the price of purchasing animals.