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How is experimentation with research animals approved?

Anyone who is going to do research with animals must have permission from the authorities and must have passed a course in laboratory animal studies, approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. Permission must be sought for each individual experiment that is planned to be carried out. Approval is granted by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority after the application procedure has been completed. Applicants must be registered in the Norwegian Laboratory Animal Administration's supervision and application system (FOTS) (see previously described section on access), and fill out a complete and detailed application form. When submitted, the application first goes to the local PMSK (person with special control responsibility) and after a local approval, the application is sent to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. This process might take up to 6 weeks time. 

Read more about the application procedure via the Norwegian Food Safety Authority's website: How do you apply for approval of research trials? | The Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

For guidance on the application procedure itself, see the attachment: Guidance document FOTS