Norsk flagg


Below are some examples of images acquired on microscope systems at AMCF.

Structured illumination microscopy (SIM) image of cultured epithelial cells labeled for mitochondria, actin, and DNA. ZEISS LSM880/Elyra PS.1

Scanning electron microscopy image of hepatic sinusoids of a C57BL6 mouse, approximately 4 months old. Liver Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells (LSECs) are covered in multiple fenestrations (arrows) arranged into sieve plates (SP, dotted line circles) distributed over the whole sinusoid. SD, space of Disse; HC, hepatocytes. (Courtesy of Karen K. Sørensen, Vascular Biology Research Group). ZEISS Sigma

Brightfield microscopy of cod larvae thin section stained with methylene blue-azure II-basic fuchsin. The image is stitched from 72 individual tiles at 112x magnification. ZEISS AxioZoom V.16

Live cell imaging of HEK293 cells using phase contrast. Nikon BioStation IM-Q

Live cell imaging of GFP-tagged LC3B in retinal pigmented epithelial cells using Airyscan FAST. ZEISS LSM880

Confocal microscopy (left) versus STED super-resolution (right). ATTO647-phalloidin-labelled cryosection (400 nm thickness) showing microvilli in fish intestine. Abberior STEDYCON