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Core Facility for Biobank - UiT

Services and Prices

The biobank offers solutions for storing human biological material at various temperatures with full tracking, as well as advice on collection, storage, delivery, and use of the sample material. On this page, you will find an overview of the services provided by the biobank, and prices for long-term storage, emergency freezer use, and hourly rates for services performed by our personnel. Prices are adjusted annually. See more information about pricing at the bottom of the page.

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Services and Prices at the Core Facility for Biobanking - UiT

Services   NOK Comment
Long-term storage

Chest freezer / Ultra freezer -70°C


Price per chest freezer per year. Each chest freezer holds 34 freezer boxes.

Freezer box 1.200

Price per freezer box per year. Each freezer box holds 10 cryo boxes.

Cryo box


Price per cryo box per year. Each cryo box holds 81 cryo tubes of 2 ml each.

Emergency freezer Emergency freezer


Price per chest freezer per week started. Max up to 2 weeks duration.

Users who have material for long-term storage in the biobank do not pay for the use of emergency freezers.

Other services Manual work 550

 Price per hour.

Adaptation of sample collection to the EUTRO Biobank structure, quality assurance, as well as withdrawal and return of stored samples.

Consultancy 550

Price per hour.

Professional advice and meeting activities before, during and after sample collection

Renting of the laboratory   Price on request.


The price for long-term storage covers these main points:

  • Long-term storage
  • 24-hour temperature surveillance and logging
  • On-call staff
  • Repairs and maintenance of freezers
  • Purchase of a new freezer in case of failure.
  • Use of emergency freezer

Emergency freezer use is an offer for short-term rental with a maximum duration of 2 weeks. You must always arrange the rental in advance. The use of emergency freezers applies only to human biological material where UiT is the responsible research institution. Sample collections that already pay for long-term storage in the biobank are exempt from paying the rental fee for emergency freezers.

Emergency Situations - around the clock

  1. Call the emergency phone: 92 06 97 00
  2. Submit the form for emergency use of the freezer.

Planned Events - Monday-Thursday

Rental of emergency freezers for planned events such as defrosting, cleaning, and maintenance can take place from Monday to Thursday. This is arranged in advance by submitting the form below.

General Information on Emergency Freezers

As part of our mandate to manage biobank operations and the collection of human biological material at the faculty, the Core Facility for Biobank is responsible for the continuous operation and rental of emergency freezers. A prerequisite for using our emergency freezers is that UiT is registered as the responsible research institution for the relevant biological material. This applies regardless of whether the situation is acute or planned.

Rental of emergency freezers must always be prearranged with the Core Facility for Biobank. This is because it is essential for the biobank to keep track of the logistics of the use of emergency freezers at all times. Therefore, notification to us is essential so that we can provide the service we are supposed to provide to our users, as mandated by the Health Faculty.

General inquiries to the biobank can be sent to

The biobank has emergency freezers of the type -70°C chest freezers and -20°C chest freezers. When renting an emergency freezer, the sample material is included in our quality assurance system with recorded temperature monitoring and 24-hour alarm monitoring.

For users already paying for long-term, the rental fee for emergency freezers is included as part of the total service offering we provide. It should be noted that exemption from the rental fee follows the specific sample collection, and not the project/project leader/research group.

The biobank also offers various other additional services that research projects and population studies may require before, during, and after sample collection. Below are some examples of the additional services we can offer.

  • Manual labor:
    • Adaptation of the sample collection to the EUTRO biobank structure.
    • Quality assurance of the material
    • Cleaning and sorting of sample material
    • Retrieval of stored samples
    • Sample shipment
    • Destruction of sample material
  • Professional advice
    • Meeting activity at the start of a new collection
    • Advice regarding sample tubes and equipment
  • Laboratory
    • The biobank has nice laboratory facilities that can be rented. Send a price inquiry by email to for price and availability of days/weeks.

The above prices are valid from January 1, 2024. The prices listed apply to users affiliated with the Faculty of Health Sciences, UiT. For invoicing outside of UiT, separate contract prices apply, with an additional 25% VAT. Invoicing is done semi-annually. Prices are reviewed and adjusted annually, with effect from January 1.

Payment for hotel function and services in the biobank came into effect from January 2019. We are required to charge for our services based on the cost model, known as the TDI model. This was introduced as a common national model for the university and college sector from 2015. The model is used to show all costs in research projects - including time, direct and indirect costs. Contributing to the price level are, among other things, the cost of operating personnel, surveillance, operating costs, depreciation of the freezers, internal rent, and indirect costs for operating personnel.