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Advanced Microscopy Core Facility

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The Advanced Microscopy Core Facility (AMCF) provides instruments and services within three main areas: Light microscopy, electron microscopy, and flow cytometry. The core facility is a one of five national nodes of the Norwegian Advanced Light Microscopy Imaging Network (NALMIN).

Basic information about the core facility and becoming a user can be found in the sections below. You can also check out the FAQ.

The core facility is located in the lab wing on floor 9 in the MH west building:

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Shipping address

Advanced Microscopy Core Facility
Att. Tom-Ivar Eilertsen
Dept. of Medical Biology, Faculty of Health Sciences
UiT – The Arctic University of Norway
Varemottak MH2
Sykehusveien 44, 9019 Tromsø


Kenneth Bowitz Larsen
Scientific Leader
Tel. +47 776 45320
Mob. +47 915 73634

Tom-Ivar Eilertsen
Operational Manager
Tel. +47 776 44633
Mob. +47 917 05970

All activity at the core facility is managed through our platform management system PPMS. In order to use our instruments or order services, you first need to register as a user.

  • UiT users: Specify your research group and financial account number(s).
  • External users: Specify your institution and billing address.

After registering in PPMS you may set up projects, request training on instruments, and order services and consumables. Click here for a quick tour of PPMS and learn the basics.

For door access, please contact Tom-Ivar Eilertsen and provide the following information: 

  • Your UiT ID card number
  • Your research group
  • Which instrument(s) you have been trained on

  • All autonomous use of instruments at the core facility requires training. Training is requested through PPMS and is always free of charge. For all other use, there is a fee per hour (see Prices). Services are ordered through PPMS (via the Order menu) and are usually priced per unit (sample, tube, etc.).
  • Booking of instruments is done through PPMS. Usage fees are based on booked and used time. Bookings may be cancelled without charge up to one hour before start. If you finish your session earlier than planned, make sure to cancel the remaining booked time to avoid further charges and to allow other users access to the instrument.
  • All use of core facility labs requires you to follow safety regulations. Note that there are many hazardous chemicals in our labs.
  • To use the cell lab you must have been trained in sterile technique in your research group ahead of time.
  • Door access is controlled through your UiT ID card and is granted based on which instruments you use. If you experience access problems, make sure you've updated your card (see FAQ). Close doors when exiting rooms.
  • Discard your waste according to regulations and do not leave behind any material. Keep the labs tidy.
  • No food or drinks are allowed inside the core facility.

AMCF is not a data storage facility. Thus, we don't assume any role or responsibility in long-term storage of research data generated at the facility. However, we have solutions in place to move data safely from instrument PCs and onto UiT's network. See FAQ for a detailed explanation on how to store and retrieve your data. Importantly, files on the AMCF data server will be deleted without further notice after 60 days! To avoid data loss, download your files as soon as possible after finishing your session.

Please note that use of portable media (USB hard disk drives, flash drives, etc.) is strictly prohibited on our instrument PCs due to the risk of virus attacks.

Contributions to scientific output is a key metric for core facilities. Thus, acknowledging the use of AMCF resources in publications is important to secure continued funding and development, and to guide future investments in new equipment. When publishing data acquired at AMCF, please make sure to include the relevant information under the acknowledgment section of your paper. As an example, you may use or modify the following sample text:

  • Transmission electron microscopy was performed at the Advanced Microscopy Core Facility at UiT – The Arctic University of Norway.
  • The authors acknowledge resources and support from the Advanced Microscopy Core Facility at UiT – The Arctic University of Norway.
  • The authors would like to acknowledge [staff name] at the Advanced Microscopy Core Facility at UiT – The Arctic University of Norway for [describe assistance/contributions].

We also kindly ask that you register your publication within our platform management system PPMS.

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