New portal for research-based information about the Arctic and Antarctic

After two years of project work, the University Library at UiT is proud to launch a search portal where you can find all available research-based information about the polar areas in one place, both scientific articles, reports, and datasets.

Bearded seal on ice floe in Svalbard
Bearded seal in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard. Foto: Inger Lise Næss/UiT
Publisert: 24.08.21 09:57 Oppdatert: 03.09.21 06:35
Arctic Natural Sciences

The Open Polar, The Global Open Access Portal for Research Data and Publications on the Arctic and Antarctic was launched in Tromsø on Wednesday 1 September.

Open science

The search portal is developed in collaboration with researchers from the Norwegian Polar Institute and UiT Norway's Arctic University.

The value of free accessibility to the public is a guiding principle for Open Polar. The search service presents only what is open access, while it filters out what is behind payment walls. This is how the vision of open science is promoted. In addition, the search service filters out content that is not relevant to either the High North or Antarctica. In this way, research-based knowledge about the polar becomes more accessible than ever.

The portal collects metadata from more than 4,600 providers worldwide. About 78% of the records found in the portal are research documents, 22% are data sets. The total number of records is about 1.8 million and constantly increasing.

Visit the portal

The portal is found here – and you may search via keywords, maps, language or year of publication.


Questions or feedback? Contact Senior Academic Librarian, Per Pippin Aspaas.


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