Professor Bodil Bluhm - Keynote speaker at Arctic Frontiers

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Many of the celebrities of the Arctic Frontiers have left Tromsø, after taking part in the Policy conference program. However, today the Science program of the Arctic Frontiers 2015 commenced, with several researchers from our Faculty. Professor Bodil Bluhm from the Department of Arctic and Marine Biology is one the invited keynote speakers.

Professor Bodil Bluhm keynote speaker at Arctic Frontiers.

Bluhm has been working together with a team of  a Canadian physical oceanographist, and a Russian zooplankton ecologist, in the paper she is presenting. The authors think it is important to synthesize and make people aware of what we know about the central  Arctic, because the reduced ice cover has spurred substantial geopolitical, industrial and other interests in the central Arctic. Research and public attention until recently, however, had focused on the shelves, and an overview characterizing the central basins was lacking. The increasing human interest and potential activities in that area carry with them the potential for environmental stress and international conflict. Bluhm and her colleagues believe that pan-Arctic scientific collaboration and integration is critical for sustainable management and conservation of ecosystem and climate system services in the central Arctic.

As part of the session Part II. Ecological winners and losers in future Arctic marine ecosystems Physical and biological drivers, Bodul Bluhm presents her talk The Arctic Basins: An integrated physical and biological perspective on Thursday the 22nd of January at 14:30 in Auditorium 2. 

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