Applications still open for our unique LL.M in Law of the Sea

Be a Master of the Sea! The unique LL.M. in Law of the Sea, offers a pure focus on the Law of the Sea in the context of Arctic legal perspectives and issues. Deadline for Nordic applicants is 15 April. 

Chadi Elserafy from Egypt is a former LL.M student at UiT. He took the program to have competence in solving conflicts at Sea. - Tromsø is my favourite place in the world, Chadi says. Foto: T. H.Moe

The oceans cover over 70 percent of the surface of the Earth. Humans depend on the oceans for life, work, food, travel, and human health. The ocean is the world's greatest reservoir of biodiversity, including marine mammals, fish, crustaceans, mollusks, and countless of other species. 

The LL.M. programme aims to broaden the traditional approach to the Law of the Sea from jurisdictional issues to also include substantial law such as conservation and sustainable use of biological resources and protection of biodiversity and the environment.

Although the programme of study has a clear global profile, it also has a distinct Arctic dimension. Much of the Arctic consists of marine areas. Global climate change will increasingly subject these areas to various uses such as navigation, oil and gas exploitation, fisheries and research. The Arctic regions provide unique opportunities for studying both global and regional legal approaches to protect and preserve the marine environment.

The Faculty of Law is also the host of the K.G.Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea, and a number of renowned law of the sea researchers teach in the LL.M. programme. Read more here, and send your application by 15 April (Nordic applicants). 

This is what former LL.M students say about the program: 

Chadi Elserafy from Egypt, got one year's permission from his job as a public lawyer in Egypt to do the LL.M.

– The program is demanding, but you learn a lot, and I am happy to study the Law of the Sea. I have always been interested in the Sea and in ships. As a child, I dreamed of becoming a captain at sea! I would like competence to solve conflicts at sea, says Chadi. 

He thinks Tromsø is a great student town.

– I like that Tromsø is so international; you meet people from all over the world here. Tromsø is one of my favourite places in the world - and I have travelled a lot. It is easy to get in touch with people and I have made many new friends, says Chadi.

Sofia Sjøgren from Sweden is a former LL.M. student. Foto: Trude Haugseth Moe

Sofia Sjøgren from Sweden: 

Sofia started at the LL.M. program at UiT after she had finished her degree in law in Sweden.

– I am interested in Environmental law and I think the Law of the Sea is exciting. The program at UiT is very good and varied, with great teachers, both from The KG Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea here, and visiting professsors. The University appears to me as very generous and progressive, with little distance between the students and the professors,  says Sofia.

She also learns a lot from the international group of LL.M. students.

– It is great that the students at the program have such varied cultural bacogrounds. It makes the discussions very intereesting, means Sofia.

In the future, Sofia would like to work in environmental organizations, in academia and research, or at an international court. 

– Either way, this LL.M degree will be useful to me, says Sofia.

She also finds Tromsø to be a great place, because of her interests in skiing, mountain climbing and hiking. 

– And I really look forward to go cross country skiing to the University each morning, when the snow arrives, smiles Sofia.


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