Petroleum Experts Limited donates MOVE software licenses to UiT

Petroleum Experts Ltd (Petex) has kindly donated 10 licenses of the MOVE Suite software including Petex’s Network Licensing Manager (HARDLOCK) to UiT - The Arctic University of Norway with an equivalent value of £1,525,561.89. The software will be used to support postgraduate research projects at the Department of Geosciences, UiT.

Mortensen, Kai
Publisert: 30.08.19 11:30 Oppdatert: 20.12.19 09:22

"We are pleased to Petroleum Experts Ltd (Petex) for donating the MOVE software. This is a common software in the petroleum industry for subsurface modelling. The software will primarily be used to model the basin response to uplift and erosion related to the glaciations in the Barents Sea” said Dr. Amando Lasabuda, postdoctoral researcher at the Research Centre for Arctic Petroleum Exploration (ARCEx), Department of Geosciences, UiT.

UiT sincerely thank Petex for this donation with an equivalent value of £1,525,561.89.

Petex is a petroleum engineering and structural geology company, developing a wide range of software tools. The Move suite provides a digital environment for structural modelling to reduce risk and uncertainty in geological models. It provides a platform for integrating and interpreting data, cross-section construction, 3D model building, kinematic restoration and validation, geomechanical modelling, fracture modelling, fault response modelling, and fault and stress analysis.

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