Start of semester, Autumn 2021:
Likestilling og kjønn - årsstudium, Tromsø

Welcome to UiT Norway's Arctic University! We are so pleased that you have chosen to study with us. Here you will find everything you need to start your studies at Likestilling og kjønn - årsstudium.

Infection prevention

Mandatory infection prevention course for all UiT students.

Create IT user account

To access everything you need to study with us, you need to create IT user account.


From: 12. August kl. 11.00
To: 12. August kl. 12.30
Hvor: UB244

Other information:

Velkommen til Likestilling og kjønn - årsstudium. Velkomstbrev

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Telephone switchboard: 77 64 40 00

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Siv Aina Hansen
Losleben, Katrin