Start of semester, Fall 2020:
Fine Art - master, Tromsø

Welcome to UiT Norway's Arctic University! We are so pleased that you have chosen to study with us. Here you will find everything you need to start your studies at Fine Art - master.

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From: 11. August kl. 10.00

Other information:

Dear coming MA students,

We look forward to meet you Mid-August. Hopefully you have found a place to stay, but if you need to apply for student housing please visit this site . If your application was turned down and you still haven’t got a place to stay please check and (In Norwegian only).
Our experience is that all students have a place to stay within September.

Week 32             

Debut Week International 

 Week 33

- Moving into the studios and semester registration see check list

- August 11 is the date for the official opening of the semester and we kind ask all of you enrolling students to show up for welcome information, workshop courses and moving into studios. The programme is as follows:

                 - 10:00 Welcome

                      / Greetings from the UiT Vice-chancellor/Rector

                     / Presentation of admin.staff and students

                     / Programme for the day. Covid-19 precautionary measures.

                -10:30 Registration and student access key card

                -12:00 Lunch followed by

                     /Practical information

                    /Tour of the academy and moving into studios.

- August 12.-14. Compulsory Workshop introduction for new Bachelor- og Master students.


PLEASE NOTE! If you for some reason have decided not to enroll, we kindly ask you to log on to søknadsweb and register that you have withdrawn your application, If you are prevented from taking part in the start of the semester, please send an e-mail to

Due to the Covid19 pandemic the Norwegian government has put in place strict entry regulations for foreign citizens. Please keep yourself updated by checking We are planning for a next to normal semester.


Week 34

August 17: Startup week starts - including welcome lunch. During this week, you will get to know your fellow students, teachers and the Academy’s research fellows, and you will have an introduction to the curriculum more in detail. During the semester you will receive regular studio talks, participate in group discussions, workshops for 3-5 days, artist talks / lectures etc. On September 18, an exhibition showing works by the Bachelor and Master students that graduated this Spring will be opened. There will be guided tours and presentations.


Have a nice trip to Tromsø – see you in August!

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Telephone switchboard: 77 64 40 00

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Blichfeldt, Merete Elise

Husk å melde deg på Ex-fil seminargruppe!

Skal du ha Ex-fil (Examen philosophicum) denne høsten? Da må du huske å melde deg på seminargruppe innen 17. august. Mer informasjon om påmelding til seminargruppe finner du her.