Start of semester: Autumn 2024, Narvik

Industrial Engineering - Master

Welcome to UiT Norway's Arctic University! We are so pleased that you have chosen to study with us. Here you will find everything you need to start your studies at Industrial Engineering - Master.

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From: 12. August kl. 08.00
To: 12. August kl. 10.00
Where: Hovedinngang
Group: Møte med fagmiljøet
From: 12. August kl. 10.00
To: 12. August kl. 11.00
Where: A4260

Group: Åpning av studieåret
From: 12. August kl. 11.00
To: 12. August kl. 12.00
Group: Undervisning
From: 12. August kl. 12.00
To: 12. August kl. 14.00

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