Low Carbon Concrete for Arctic Climate with Excellent Sustainability and Durability

Work Packages

Work package 1

Low carbon concrete for Arctic environment


  • Development of low-carbon concrete mix.
  • Incorporation of local industrial by-streams as binding material (at least 30%) and aggregates (at least 50%).
  • Focusing on increasing performance and durability in arctic weather conditions.


Work package 2

Durability test procedure


  • Analysis of existing testing methods for the durability of LCC.
  • State-of-the-art analysis.
  • Modifications of chosen methods.
  • Experimental verification of the modified methods.
  • Long-term durability testing.

Work package 3

Environmental analysis - Life cycle analysis


  • Life cycle analysis of newly developed LCC compared to concrete currently in use.
  • Determining end-of-life criteria for these materials with respect to lifespan.
  • Development of know-how affecting total life cycle costs and environmental impact.



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