BeProx / Sammen mot mobbing

Together Against Bullying in kindergarten, is an intervention aimed at preventing and addressing bullying and other negative behaviours in the interplay among children in kindergartens.

Together Against Bullying in kindergarten has the following objectives:

  • Ensuring that all children feel safe and well in the kindergarten.
  • Reducing negative behaviours among children in the kindergarten
  • Increasing positive interactions among children

For mor information, see the project’s website: Together Against Bullying in kindergarten

The research project:

Be-Prox: An effectiveness study of a bullying intervention in Norwegian kindergartens.

The research project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council. The project leader is Ingrid Kvestad at RKBU West. NORCE. RKBU North at UiT, will in collaboration with RKBU West, NORCE, and the municipalities of Narvik and Bjørnafjorden, evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention in a Norwegian kindergarten population. The intervention is in line with the new legal requirements outlined in Chapter 8, Sections 41-43 of the Kindergarten Act.

Through a randomized controlled trial (RCT), the effectiveness and cost-benefit of the intervention will be explored by Work Package 1 and Work Package 3. RKBU West is responsible Work Package 1 and 3. Implementation factors and the kindergartens staff's experiences of execution the intervention, as well as the parents’ user experiences related to the introduction of the intervention in the kindergartens, will be evaluated by Work Package 2. RKBU North is responsible for Work Package 2.

Project team members at RKBU West, NORCE

Ingrid Kvestad, Line Remme Solberg, Kyrre Breivik, Anita Skogstrand, Morten Haaland, Darina Steskal and Egil Kjerstad. 

Project team members at RKBU North, UiT

Merete Aasheim, Annelene Moberg, Henriette Kyrrestad, Frode Adolfsen, and Monica Martinussen.

Startup of the intervention and the data collection in kindergartens August 2023.