BodyFluID RNA (EN)


Analyses of biological evidence mainly focus on DNA-typing to identify the individual who have left the trace. However, in some cases, it is crucial to determine the type of biological material present in the trace as this may provide important information for the police investigations. Are there vaginal cells, semen, blood or saliva present in the trace? The solution may involve profiling of mRNA. mRNA are messenger molecules that are responsible for transfering the genetic information in the DNA so that this information can be translated into proteins. Different cell types will express different proteins and therefore have distinct mRNA profiles. In this project, we are investigating how mRNA profiling can be used to identify the type of body fluid/cell types in a sample. The primary objectives of the project are to optimize RNA extraction from trace samples and establish methods for identifying body fluids through mRNA profiling.

Project start: 2019
Project end: ongoing