ECO_CARE Practicum Blog

This summer, ECO_CARE welcomed two new interns to the team. Alexa Bennett and Aoife Cummins are MSc Global Health students from McMaster University in Canada who are passionate about equitable water governance and dynamic knowledge translation strategies. 

Working with the project’s co-principal investigators, Margherita Paola Poto and Giulia Parola, they supported ongoing team initiatives and ECO_CARE public communication. Some of their responsibilities included translating ECO_CARE documents into informative videos, developing an English language proficiency workbook using ECO_CARE concepts, and editing scientific articles and narrative stories about water rights. Here is what they have to say about their experience.

“I have had an amazing time working with the ECO_CARE team this summer. During this internship, I have gained a deep understanding of the importance of democratizing the creation and access to knowledge. It has become clear to me that only through a more holistic and inclusive ideological framework can we successfully address global challenges, such as environmental degradation and inequitable access to water. However, this transformation can only be achieved through the creation of accessible and collaborative resources that can help empower all to participate in global health solutions. This simple act can take many forms, from translating legal documents into a more usable and understandable formats and creating tools that help others communicate effectively. Hence, overall, ECO_CARE has taught me that only through empathy, compassion, and care can we begin to promote equitable and dynamic solutions that can address global issues.” 

“Working with ECO_CARE has been an excellent learning experience. It has strengthened my understanding of the complexities that underpin people’s interactions with water, particularly with regard to their relationships with environmental law. I have learned a lot about the importance of the co-creation of knowledge, participatory methodology, and inclusive approaches to empower communities to be active participants in the legal process. Through my experience as an ECO_CARE intern, I better understand how good, collaborative water governance is essential for ensuring the health of both people and the planet.” 

Aoife and Alexa have enjoyed progressing the ECO_CARE agenda this past summer. They look forward to seeing how the project continues to develop and further promote meaningful change in the field of environmental law.

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