ECO_CARE meets Mohammad Abniki

Title: Italiran: The story of inspiration

By: Mohammad Abniki

This blog post describes the importance of listening to our hearts for our choices and goals. Developed by Mohammad Abniki, Graduate student at the University of Turin, Torino, Italy.

I faced a lot with this phrase: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" when I was a child. This sentence has been bothering me since then. I liked all the jobs, Loved being a versatile one. I dreamed of being an engineer in the morning and a doctor at night. When I grew older, my life took me to university and this course. I heard this sentence again in the first session and fell into my childhood dreams. I approached Professor Poto after that meeting and told her about my heartfelt decision to translate the book. I met with the ECOCARE team, and now I am very proud to announce that this book is amazing for all children. Everyone should experience those lessons to get a better sense of having their own and their future. Following our hearts for our dreams is a powerful and often fulfilling journey. When we listen to our hearts and pursue our goals, we align ourselves with our true passions and desires. Dreams and goals are the driving forces behind our actions and aspirations. They represent the desires we hold deep within us, often molding our decisions and shaping our future. Society plays a significant role in influencing career choices, imposing limitations and expectations on individuals. However, exploring different paths before settling on only one choice to experience personal growth is crucial. Most importantly, following one's heart and pursuing a career aligned with passion can lead to greater job satisfaction and fulfillment. In today's society, there is often pressure placed upon everyone to choose a specific career path that is socially acceptable or financially stable. In that course, we talked about many environmental issues, most of which were related to SDG 14, Life below Water. Ocean pollution is a critical issue that poses significant threats to marine ecosystems, wildlife, and human health. Another thing mentioned in ECOCARE was the water and environmental problems related to Chiquitanos in a book called Tarumã, the waters that speak. This book is also a very inspiring and beautiful book that affected the lives of the people of that region, which without water, their destruction is ahead. In our country, due to the diversity of geography and climate, I have seen many different biological environments in my entire life: From the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf to the Alborz and Zagros mountains. Many people all over the world have recognized Iran with oil, gas, and political issues in the Middle East. Although, the climate diversity in Iran, especially the water-related discussions, made me very interested in ECOCARE discussions. If I had to say one thing I've come to believe with this team, it's that we must be together to save our lives on this planet. Unity plays a vital role in addressing climate change because individual actions alone are not sufficient to make a significant impact. While personal choices like reducing energy consumption or adopting sustainable lifestyle practices are important steps towards sustainability, they should have done by larger-scale collective action.

I believe that “Unity is crucial in saving our planet”.

Thanks for your time, Mohammad Abniki.

Mohammad Abniki with a copy of the book Follow Your Heart


This post can be cited as: Mohammad Abniki, Italiran: The story of inspiration, July 7, 2023.