Agradecimento: ECO_CARE collaborates with the Aldeia Maraka’nã, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Thanks to the mediation of our ECO_CARE exchange student and team member Natalia Médici, in 2023 the ECO_CARE team started a cooperation with the Aldeia Maraka’nã, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We are happy to support their activities and resistance and look forward to future projects together! Here below is the gratitude letter that the Indigenous Plurinational University Aldeia Marakanã has written to thank all the supporters and allies.

"We, from the Indigenous Plurinational University Aldeia Marakanã and CESAC, thank all the people who have been with us this year in our activities, our resistance, and our struggle.

We thank the supporters, universities, schools, teachers, museums, students, and researchers who have joined in supporting our resistance. Thanks for the food collected in our educational activities throughout the year in schools and universities, the neighborhood's Hortifruti networks, CEASA, Fist, and the oil workers' union. Special thanks to the relatives who came from their territories to honor our events and stand with us in resistance, as well as chiefs, shamans, and other leaders. We acknowledge the supporters who are voluntarily helping us build the women's house. We greet all the warrior women, relatives, and supporters who, together with us, build the sacred ground of Aldeia Marakanã.

Our university is alive and becomes more powerful and strengthened with this collective work. It has been a year of much struggle, but it is a great victory to dream of this sacred ground every day!

May 2024 be another year of many achievements and advances. May we continue to defend this territory, and may it be demarcated as what it already is for us: the sacred territory of Aldeia Maraka’nã.

May our enchanted beings and spirituality guide us in following this work of ancestral rescue and the maintenance of indigenous cultures present here.

Aldeia stands!

Katu haw! Katu ahy to all"

This post can be cited as: The Indigenous Plurinational University Aldeia Marakanã, Agradecimento: ECO_CARE collaborates with the Aldeia Maraka’nã, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, January 10th, 2024.