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Portrait of MariusDr Marius Myreng Haugland

Marius is an Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. He completed his BSc (2010) and MSc (2012) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, with a Master's project under the supervision of Prof. Vassilia Partali. He then moved to the University of Oxford for his DPhil under the supervision of Prof. Ed Anderson (2012–2017), on the preparation of alkynylated nucleotides and novel nitroxide radicals for site-directed spin labelling of DNA.

After the completion of his doctorate, Marius stayed in Prof. Anderson's group for a postdoctoral position (2017) on the synthesis of biaryl ether natural products and analogues with activity against neglected tropical diseases. This was followed by a postdoctoral position in the lab of Prof. Scott Cockroft at the University of Edinburgh (2017–2018), where he performed chemoselective bioconjugation of α-haemolysin protein nanopores and studied the reaction mechanism at the single-molecule level using patch clamp electrophysiology. Following a brief project in the lab of Prof. Alison Hulme (University of Edinburgh, 2018) on the synthesis of PET radiotracers, Marius returned to Oxford and Ed Anderson's lab for a postdoctoral position (2019–2020) investigating the synthesis and reactivity of bicyclo[1.1.0]butanes. In 2020 he joined UiT as a tenure-track Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry.

Outside the lab, Marius enjoys singing and classical music, lifting weights, hiking, and cycle touring trips.


Portrait of AnnaDr Anna-Luisa Warnke

Born and raised in a small town close to the Hanseatic city of Bremen, Anna completed her Bachelor studies at the University of Marburg. Fascinated by organic chemistry, she moved on to the Leibniz University Hannover to finish her master studies in natural product chemistry. Before starting her PhD, Anna was working with Bayer, Berkeley in the Sunshine State of the US. She carried out her PhD training on the development of novel target-specific therapeutic concepts for the treatment of diabetes under the supervision of Prof. Oliver Plettenburg at the Helmholtz Zentrum München. In August 2021, Anna joined the group of Dr Marius Haugland at UiT The Arctic University of Norway to work on single-molecule studies using patch clamp electrophysiology as a Postdoctoral Fellow.

Beside her interests in organic chemistry and chemical biology, Anna is an outdoor enthusiast who loves to go hiking, skiing and taking pictures of the beautiful landscapes in the area around Tromsø.


Portrait of FlorianeFloriane Baussière

From a small town in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Floriane completed her BSc in Biochemistry (2017) at the University of Geneva, after spending the third year of her studies as an exchange student at Lund University, Sweden. She continued studying in Lund, where she graduated with an MSc in Chemistry (2019), with a Master’s project in Medicinal Chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Ulf Nilsson. Her current research in Associate Prof. Marius M. Haugland's group focuses on late-stage functionalization for antibiotic conjugation.

Besides chemistry, Floriane enjoys outdoor activities, karaoke nights with her friends and travelling.



Portrait of MateuszMateusz Sowiński

Mateusz received his undergraduate education at Wrocław University of Science and Technology. He obtained his engineering degree (2018) in the field of Chemical Technology, and his MSc (2019) in Chemistry with specialization in Medicinal Chemistry. From the very beginning of his adventures in chemistry, he has been fascinated by organic chemistry, which resulted in over three years of scientific research practice in the group of Prof. Elżbieta Wojaczyńska. Fact: from the very beginning, each of his projects has been related to heterocycles: triazoles, tetrazoles, imines, enamines, and now nitroxides.

Mateusz is an electronic music fanatic, belles lettres enthusiast, and a lover of animals.




Portrait of StianStian Rølvaag Martinsen

From the town of Sandnessjøen, Stian obtained his undergraduate degree in chemistry at UiT The Arctic University of Norway in 2020. After writing his bachelor thesis on iridium and molybdenum corroles under the supervision of Prof. Abhik Ghosh, he is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Molecular Sciences under the supervision of Associate Prof. Marius M. Haugland. Stian is currently working on linker molecules used in the preparation of new antibiotic variants to combat antibiotic resistance.

Stian's hobbies include weightlifting and reading. While both are performed in an anti-dilletante manner with intentionality and vigor, his reading ranges a broad manner on topics: a reflection of his passion for eclecticism.



Bachelor project students

Anne Sophie Gerhardt (2021)