Haugland Lab


27.9.2023: Battery research outreach highlights
Mateusz and Marius have been taking part in an outreach programme over the past week, funded by the Norwegian Research Council and Framsenteret as part of the National Science Week in Norway (Forskningsdagene). Via Zoom we have been visiting hundreds of high school pupils in Finnmark county, showed them around our lab and talked with them about our research on stable organic radicals and how this relates to sustainable organic batteries. Thanks very much to Lena Seuthe at UiT, who has been driving around Finnmark and organizing in-classroom battery experiments for a week!

Popular science articles about organic batteries from our lab have been published by UiT and Framsenteret (Norwegian only).

Laboratory glassware containing solutions of different colours, connected into a model battery

21.8.2023: New students join the lab
The group is growing! We have recently been joined by Jonas, a Norwegian teaching student, and Luisa, an Erasmus+ exchange student from Philipps-Universität Marburg. They will both be doing research projects in our lab during the autumn semster. Welcome, Jonas and Luisa!

16.8.2023: New paper out
Floriane's work on photoredox-driven radical atom transfer reactions of tethered vinyl and alkynyl silanes has now appeared in the Journal of Organic Chemistry! Well done, Floriane!

14.7.2023: Visiting undergraduate
For the past month the lab has been hosting Ann-Kathrin Hoffmann, a visiting undergraduate student from the University of Edinburgh, for a joint research project together with Dr Janet Lovet (University of St Andrews). Ann-Kathrin's visit is generously supported by a travel scholarship from the Royal Scottish Society of Arts.

5.6.2023: First article published
The group's first research article has been published in Communications Chemistry: Conformational tuning improves the stability of spirocyclic nitroxides with long paramagnetic relaxation times. Congratulations to Mateusz and Anna, and all our collaborators!

5.6.2023: Haugland lab at PSRC-10
Floriane and Mateusz have presented posters at the 10th Pacific Symposium on Radical Chemistry in beautiful Kyoto, Japan!

Mateusz standing with his poster, smilingFloriane standing by her poster, smiling

2.6.2023: New preprint
Floriane's work on Radical group transfer of vinyl and alkynyl silanes driven by photoredox catalysis has appeared as a preprint on ChemRxiv. Congratulations Floriane!

4.5.2023: Postdoctoral research position available
We are currently advertising for a postdoctoral research fellow in organic chemistry! The position is fixed-term for 3 years, and will focus on our research on stable organic radicals and/or radical transformations for organic synthesis. The starting salary is NOK 563500 (€47900/£42000) per year. Application deadline: 24.5.2023.

18.1.2023: Stian finishes his Master's degree
Stian has passed his MSc exam today, and successfully completed his MSc in Molecular Sciences. Congratulations, Stian, and thank you for all your efforts! We wish you all the best for the future!

Stian and Marius standing next to each other, wearing suits, smiling.

9.1.2023: Presentations at the 2023 Organic chemistry winter meeting
Stian, Floriane and Anna have presented their work at the 2023 Organic chemistry winter meeting in Skeikampen outside Lillehammer, Norway. Well done, team!

Anna is talking to the audience from the podium while the screen shows her first slide Stian is standing next to his poster. The poster has been blurred.

21.11.2022: Travel grants for the 2023 Organic chemistry winter meeting
Congratulations to Stian, Floriane and Anna, who have all been awarded travel grants from the Norwegian Chemical Society to present their work at the 2023 Organic chemistry winter meeting in Skeikampen outside Lillehammer, Norway!

9.11.2022: Lab retreat 2022
For our annual retreat, the lab have been enjoying a refreshing visit to the Pust floating sauna in Tromsø city centre, followed by pizza at the iconic Yonas restaurant. Feeling fortified by the compulsory swim in the Arctic sea, we are now ready for the upcoming onset of the polar night!

The Haugland group (Marius, Danijel, Mateusz, Floriane, Stian, Anna) outside the uplit facade of the Pust sauna.

7.11.2022: Visiting postdoc
Last week we welcomed Dr Danijel Glavač to the lab. Danijel is a postdoctoral fellow at the Laboratory for biomimetic chemistry, Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb, Croatia. After securing a research scholarship from his Institute, Danijel is visiting our lab for a month. He's working with Floriane on developing new reactions driven by photoredox catalysis.

31.10.2022: First preprint out
Congratulations to Mateusz and Anna, whose preprint on ChemRxiv marks the first research output from the group! This work is in collaboration with EPR spectroscopist Janet Lovett (St Andrews, UK), computational chemists Sahil Gahlawat and Kathrin Hopmann (UiT), and crystallographer Bjarte A. Lund (UiT).

6.9.2022: EuChemS congress
Marius is back in the lab after attending the 8th EuChemS congress in Lisbon, Portugal.

29.8.2022: Research visit to St Andrews
Good luck to Mateusz, who is off on a two-week research visit to the laboratory of EPR expert Dr Janet Lovett at the University of St Andrews!

16.5.2022: Travel stipend for Anna
Anna has been awarded a competitive travel stipend from the Stadler Jacobsen research fund at UiT - congratulations! The stipend will fund a visit to the laboratory of Prof. Scott Cockroft at the University of Edinburgh.

21.4.2022: Welcome, Stian!
The lab has been joined by Stian M. Rølvaag, who is doing his Master’s project with us. Stian will be working on the synthesis of new linker molecules for the preparation of antimicrobial conjugates. Good luck with your project, Stian!

9.2.2022: Marius joins the SoS early-career advisory board
Marius has been appointed to the 2022–2023 early-career advisory board of Science of Synthesis, published by Thieme. Congratulations!

30.11.2021: Website launch
Our lab website is finally up and running!