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IDEA – Interdisciplinary Design of Emotion Sensitive Agents - International Workshop co-located with AAMAS 2023

The Interdisciplinary Design of Emotion Sensitive Agents (IDEA) Workshop @ AAMAS seeks to foster interdisciplinary discussions on considerations around the techniques and social ramifications of building Emotion Sensitive Agents (ESA), i.e. agents equipped with models of emotion that can recognize or simulate the emotion of humans.

The interdisciplinary perspective is introduced for emphasizing the importance of integrating computational modelling and implementation with other disciplines (such as psychology, cognitive sciences, social sciences,or critical studies), towards producing models and validation established on strong conceptual and methodological grounding and for ESA to be scrutinized from other disciplines (e.g. impact and ethical assessment of the prospects and risks of ESA).

The IDEA Workshop is planned to create an interaction arena for facilitating participants, primarily expected to be academics from the AAMAS community, but also from other disciplines as well as businesses and regulatory bodies, to engage with each other, share feedback and initiate collaborations, sharpen their understanding of the feasibility and prospects of ESA, develop an understanding of the field and lay foundations for later work (e.g. conceptual foundations of computational models, integration in social simulation), and establish strategies for its further establishment and consolidation.