Use of interventions and tests in services for children and youth's mental health in Norway

Children and youth's mental health is an important area of focus, but there is still significant variation in the types of services available to those with mental health difficulties. Through a national survey, we aim to examine the services available for children and youth's mental health in Norway.

We want to learn more about the services currently offered by municipalities and specialist health services, and what employees in these services believe is needed for both prevention and treatment of mental health difficulties in children and youth. The survey has a specific focus on the use of interventions, tests and measurements tools in services, collaboration between services, and thoughts about service improvements.

The Regional Knowledge Center for Children and Youth, North (RKBU Nord) at UiT The Arctic University of Norway is responsible for the project, along with the Regional Center for Children and Youth's Mental Health, Region East and South (RBUP East and South).

Data collection will take place digitally in spring-autumn 2023.