About the use of intranet at UiT - or; do we use intranet at UiT?

We had some ideas when we started thinking about a new intranet for UiT, about who used it, how they used the current intranet and in what way. But when you believe something, you should always try to find out if it's true or not. So we did a survey. And posted the survey on the intranet. 

So you might say that posting a survey about intranet on the intranet is a bit contradictory — the ones you'd rather have answers from might (probably) not be on the intranet? But we had to start somewhere. And it didn't go too bad - 227 employees responded. You can read the summary here.

It may sound a bit overconfident, but it turned out that most things we thought were right – academic staff use intranet to a small extent, those employees who do use it have made their own little toolbox there, and announcements are important! Of course, they also find user manuals and routine descriptions there, but no one mentions the social aspect (or maybe intranet is not the social space we once thought?). 

Look forward to a new great and exciting post at the next crossroads!