The Provision of Health and Care Services to Older LGBT Adults in the Nordic Countries

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The overall purpose of the project is to contribute to help the advancement of both healthcare policies and practices for older LGBT adults in the Nordic countries.

Studies from countries such as USA, Canada, and UK indicate that aged care services lack inclusiveness towards older LGBT people. There is however little evidence from the Nordic countries concerning the provision of health and care services to old LGBT people. In this project we wish to contribute to fill this knowledge gap. As a first step, to map the current knowledge on this topic in the Nordic context, we carry out a scoping review on the academic literature published during the last 20 years. Our main objectives in this study are (a) to examine what is known about the provision of health and care services to LGBT old adults in the Nordic countries, (b) to identify knowledge gaps in the evidence, (c) to map implications of this research for delivery of services to LGBT older adults, and (d) to identify key future research priorities to advance policy and practice for old LGBT adults.